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  1. youtube haters, content

    Yesterday, I thought Angry Joe was being over dramatic so I started researching the situation. I have been watching Angry Joe around the time of his Halo ODST review. Until yesterday I didn't realize how long it has been. I wouldn't call myself a fan, but a gamer with to much time on his hands and enjoys researching stuff. Yesterday, I made a list of all of his review videos. I did his angry review playlist. Then youtube recommended me an old review video that wasn't on the list. So I made a comment on my post with all the videos that werent in the playlist but might fit into the playlist. First argument people have against Joe, he only recently has been doing movie reviews. If you go back he has always done reviews of Comic and Action movies. I remembered watching them when I was scrolling through all his videos. To be fair to everyone though, I always forgot about them. In recent years Joe has unleashed LOADS of movie related content. But it isn't his fault. He always did these movies. Ranging from Kickass to Inception. In recent years look at how many comic book movies come out. Joe has always talked about trailers and what not in some of his videos. To address the elephant in the room no Joe is not 100% in the right. The way he handled the situation was very poor. To be fair, he doesn't have a PR team. That is his honest reaction. So if you only gripe with Joe how he handled the situation then you can be angry all you want. Since that is a valid reason to be upset. What has actually changed in Joe's channel in recent years? It wasnt till around 2014 that his amount of "Angry Reviews" slowed down. However, this is when he switched from doing small titles like kinect games to mainly big titles for his reviews. Overall raising his quality as well in these videos with more effort and jokes added in. Which is the reviews we know today. So what has actually changed in his channel? Right now he is on track to do the same amount of reviews compared to recent years. August doesn't have that many big titles. It stuff ranging from sleeping dogs to fruit ninja kinect. November, he usually puts out 2 reviews, october 1, and almost every year 1 in december. Which he is at 9 so far for the year. Last year he had 12 reviews. So if misses Aug and October and did 2 in Nov and 1 Dec. He would have done the same amount of reviews. He broke his promise he made at the start of the year! Come on comrades! He's a MAN NOT A GOD! HE'S A MAN NOT A GOD! (reference..no? okay I'll stop). I rewatched the video he didn't promise. BUT, he did say his integrity is everything to him. I think he thought he could do it but couldn't. Plus, I told myself in january I would start working out more... I have been to the gym four times. Three of which were in January. I think it's the thought that counts on that. If you are upset with him for not upholding what he said he would do. That is a fine reason, be mad. Just remember, he didn't promise though. Now perception is the most important thing to consumers and I think there is a couple of reasons why Joe is getting hate from his fans. Since fans can't just see a group of thumbnails on his channel and pick out which one is the review without looking at each title. You might miss game reviews. There is also a lot more content between reviews. This gives people the impression more time as passed even if it is the same duration as last year. But with added content, since the half of his fan base just want reviews they see those videos being posted more often then the content they want to watch. I have a couple ideas that Joe can use to fix this problem. Although unless he decides to stop posting his other content outright there will still be some complaints. So let me list them out here now for you. 1)His thumbnails SUCK! His thumbnails need different colored borders so you can tell what is what. For exmaple, Game reviews have a strong red border. Movie Reviews have a strong blue border. Gaming/Movie news, trailers, and tech have a Yellow border. Then his Plays and stuff have a Purple or green border. This will make it easier for fans to go to his channel and see what new videos they want to watch. 2)Standardize title format. While making that list of games, when I went back and went video to video I realized sometimes movies and games wouldn't specify. Which made it awkward when the title is "Pirates of the Carribean Dead Man Angry Review" "Outlast 2 Angry Review" "The Fate of the Furious Angry Movie Review" "Ghostbusters (2016) Game Angry Review". Which it isn't that hard to figure out, if you're scrolling through the page and want to find just game reviews, you will sometimes stop at a movie and be like is this a movie game or the movie. Since in the past Joe has played a LOT of movie game titles. 3)If you don't want to do 1 and 2 then get a 2nd channel for your side content.
  2. So the teamspeak seems fairly dead, however does anyone play ESO? Trying to get in the game since the sub is gone now.
  3. One problem I don't like is he attacked them first unprovoked before knowing if hostile or not. Been awhile since I played the games but don't remember him attacking people first unless he knew they were bad people. Could be wrong though been awhile.
  4. I spend most my time playing LoadOut. I am more active on the LoadOut forums then on the AJSA at the moment. The game is not in Beta anymore however they do release beta maps in casual play (Example: Spires). The game has been officially released now. The game is 100% about teamwork. Healing is OP (which is good). In competitive you would probably want 1 healer, one tank, one damage and one hybrid of healing and damage. In casual you would want the same kind of team although there would be any tank. Just 2 damagers, a healer and a healer with a damaging secondary that heals when needed. That is probably the best team comp that I have seen at the moment. Different strategies for different game modes. Side note - Check out SirStriped on the youtubes xD Quote from the devs on one of my videos "All your views are probably from staff members. Its being passed around the office like an STD at a frat house."
  5. The game isn't actually fun to play in my opinion. It was a decent shooter and didn't run into any problems but it wasn't my cup of tea.
  6. I played a few games of Strife and every game had at least one toxic player on my team. All time worst of the worst players I have seen in Strife Beta. The game had some interesting feature but I personally will never go back to the game. Not because I was banned but because of the community. Was already going to just play 1 game a week till I saw improvement in the player base unfortunately got banned. So ehhhh, anyone else sicks of moba communities or ran into this problem. One of my friends got told to learn how to play his character in his FIRST game of Strife.... and when he told the guy who was insulting him the guy just told him maybe if he wasn't a noob he would learn to play.... First days of the closed Beta... logic of moba players.
  7. You need Arma 2 and Arma 2 Operation arrowhead. Then You need to install the mod (tutorials around the web) Although you could buy the Standalone. Current state of mod vs SA Mod - There is different varients, best at the moment is probably Epoch and has a large number of items/weapons, missions to do, store, and you can build a base. The store is only in game currency you get for selling weapons and vehicles for 1/4 the cost (i think, might be 1/2 the cost on some items). The mod has ways to communicate with the WHOLE server even if not by each other which allows you to meet some others on your server and become friends/allies or enemies depending on how the conversation goes. Less likely to be KoSed then in the SA since most veterans are set on their ways. However point a gun at them and you're probably going to be shot. Oh yeah and VEHICLES! SA - The UI and how you interact with things is a LOT more fluid then on the mod. More varieties of items to pick up but less amount of items. So you can find food, water bottles/canteens, medical supplies, pants, shoes, hats, shirts, backpacks, masks, gloves, guns, ammo, melee. random books (you can read the real book in game), and many more things. However over all in the amount wise I would say the mod as more items amount wise then the SA does. Anyways, the SA has a lot of newer DayZ players that are probably KoS 90% of the time where as the mod is more around 65%. The % are made up but I see more people die on sight in the SA then in the Mod. Although Bandits are still in the Mod. It is just what I have seen. The Standalone also has no unique servers. They vary in 3 ways. 1) 24/7 Day or Night or cycles through them both, 2)Hardcore vs Regular, 3)When they restart. A PvE server doesn't mean friendly, it means noobs go to kill people to feel like they could actually kill a real player ready to fight back instead of bambis.
  8. I went with the 4th option however not because of Guild Wars. It is because they are milking the Elder Scrolls title for EVERY thing they can get out of ONE game. Most companies do this with a ton of squels that suck but I guese they want to just make one game and have you pay for 20 sequels over time. Honestly the game isn't that great been in the closed beta since the first wave of codes went out. However this game is lacking in some major areas. A new character takes 2+ Hours before it starts getting a slight feeling of Elder Scrolls and not just a rip off of all MMORPGs out there. So most people will instantly hate it. Asking a player to spend 2+ hours in that MMORPG hell that we all have played 500 times over. Won't make it past the 1 hour mark anymore for most people. The game is being milked to hell and honeslty I lost all faith in this company.
  9. Played a bit of thief and this is what happens...
  10. FPS, PlanetSide 2 is just one example... However it would be hard to make a MMO for other genres because they dont fit with large mutliplayer worlds.Social, RPG, and FPS are the only ones that would work because any other genre combined would have some RPG elements in order to make it fun for a big group of people. You MIGHT be able to do a MMO combing Moba and RTS aspects. However you would still need some RPG elements. There is some "MMO" games that are weird time based RTS but i wouldnt consider those true MMOs.
  11. I played it and it is alright... however it is worse then DayZ in time spent to time enjoyed. By that I mean in DayZ you spend 2-3 hours seeing no one and gearing up just for that 10 minutes of fun. In atlis you spend 10 hours doing pointless things just to get introuble for stupid reasons. Got arrested for following a cop and narrating everything he did.... He didn't like it very much.... Worst part is you can't really report police abuse so it ruins some of the fun. It is basically a military state with a few rebels allowed to do what they want. Unless you're a rebel it isn't that much fun.
  12. I don't remember if I was there or if it was another time but I do remember having someone play that before moving out! Was really cool. Man you didn't have to sub, but thanks!
  13. Probably FarCry 3 so I could re experience the story (up until the end which still wasn't to bad, felt more like a bonus DLC to me). Recaptured all the Outpost 100% again stealthy on the "Master" difficulty or what ever. Honestly The game isn't that hard but it is really fun to do everything stealthy and I succeeded in every part but the missions which don't allow you to. Endless restarting and loading last saves. I feel if I go to far back I wouldn't appreciate game like Mech Assault Lone World or Halo 2 anymore so I would like to stick to a newer game with better graphics. Other then FarCry 3 I wouldn't mind Sleeping Dogs!
  14. I created this as a joke at start but it evolved after 25+ recordings (I improve the speels in all my videos, unwritten). So it takes a lot of takes. This started as a joke about PS2 history and became a product of propaganda for the TR treating everyone as a family! Less funny but I feel it is more enjoyable this way. Hope you enjoy. Ysnar haven't seen you on for awhile so this is for you my brother xD
  15. Looks like a cool thing for any Elder Scroll fans, however I personally wouldn't get it.