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  1. Problems The Division had that Fallout 76 also has: Bullet sponge bosses A story that already happened that you only experience after the fact No variation in gameplay Flying final boss that is very underwhelming Sudo MMO with horrible PVP Going Rouge/Being wanted is highly discouraged by game mechanics There are more parallels that could be drawn. If we are going to make a game in the same vein we should definitely play what came before and learn from its mistakes. But hey The Division became pretty decent after almost a year and a half of updates. So I still hold out hope. I still am playing the game and enjoy parts of it. But I also acknowledge all the problems and issues the game has right now. I actually was watching the Angry Joe review of The Division and listening to his complaints. If you took the script and did a find and replace for the game names it would work for either. I just hadn't thought about it till that moment.