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  1. Would love to join in, my LEague is ULTRAxCARNAGE
  2. Just a cash grab by Konami, NO ONE should buy this at all! STAY AWAY! FAR AWAY!
  3. My username is ULTRAxCARNAGE on League
  4. Cannot wait! Good Luck to all!
  5. league of legends

    This sounds great! I'd love to see and play in this! I would show everyone my Thresh hook skills MUAHAHAHAHAHA
  6. LETS GO!!!!!!! CANNOT WAIT!!!
  7. I would love to see some love for FACTORIO! Its an awesome game, check it out if u havent yet, its on steam early access for $20
  8. If youre talking CSGO, my username is =AJSA= ULTRAxCARNAGE on steam
  9. I like this topic
  10. ULTRAxCARNAGE That's my LoL username
  11. Definitely going to play AND beat XCOM 2!!!! SO EXCITED!!!!!
  12. Gamertag: Fate of Reality
  13. Chivalry: Medieval Warfare would be a great game for the EF to do! Why Chivalry: Medieval Warfare? It's a great Medieval era multiplayer game that has swordplay, hammers, bow & arrows, axes, knives, and spears! It even has the option to play in either Third or First person! Do note that this game has a lot of gore in it, and is very realistic in that aspect, so I certainly don't encourage people with a weak stomach to play this game as it may present the hazard of you projectile vomiting on your computer screen. Event suggestions- 1. Team Objectives- pits 2 teams against each other, there are various types of objectives in this game mode but for example there's one that has one team protect the king's relatives while the other team punches through the castle and tries to kill all the king's family. 2. Crypts- A cooperative mode that pits you up against wraiths, skeletons, and trolls 3. Free For All- This mode is very fun on the Arena map, and as the title suggests, it's a free for all match, everyone against everyone! 4. Hordetown- Another cooperative mode that's WAY more difficult than Crypts, it has you buying your own items and weapons, while crypt has a class and leveling up system that gives you better armor and weapons as you get kills. 5. Last Team Standing- Pretty self explanatory, it pits teams against each other to kill one another but you only have one life! Once again, I believe this would be a fantastic game for the AJSA EF to play! Warm Regards, =AJSA=FateofReality(My steam username)
  14. I do agree with you about the "paid preview" thing that joe was talking about in his controversy video. The reason why developers do betas though is to listen to fan suggestions and allow people to break the game so the developers can fix those certain things. This is so that the game has a stable launch and has better quality to it. But I guess we wouldn't be talking about this if it wasn't for the ridiculous $60 price tag for the beta. At least uber entertainment isn't one of those compainies that just beg people for money and release the game with barely any of the features that were promised.
  15. I do want to remind everyone that the game is in BETA and is very close to completion. The developers said that the full version comes out in early 2014 which I suggest that would be sometime in January or February. If you don't want to pay $60 for the beta that's fine, just wait until the full game comes out.