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  1. Haha, all good, Kaz. Maybe I will change my mind in the next 10 hours of playing If so, I'll come back here and tell you about it. The game definitely has issues, no doubt about that, but I just think that a lot of criticism is unfair. I know that everyone will have their own opinion about the game, and that's totally fine. What Legolas said is also true: some of the game's mechanics seem kind of old. The game would probably get better review scores if it came out 4-5 years ago. However, I still think the older Mass Effect games hold up pretty well (2 and 3 more so than 1, though).
  2. I haven't played a lot of the RPG's that you mentioned (only Witcher 3), so maybe that is why I don't think it falls flat to many other games. I only compare it to the first three Mass Effects. The game is so far exactly what I hoped it would be: more Mass Effect with better graphics. I don't mind the lip-syncing, I don't care about a bad line of writing here or there (if anything, I think that adds realism; people say stupid things, sometimes) and I love the combat so far. I'm not sure yet on the characters, but since I've only played about 8 hours so far, I expect to fleshen out my opinion of them later on in the game. And thanks, Kaz, but I wasn't asking for your personal review and my opinion to be shat on I, personally, love the game, so I'm happy.
  3. I've read and seen a lot of criticism about the game, which, in my eyes, seems mostly unfounded. I've played about 8 hours of the trial now and I absolutely love it. I was immediately sucked back in to the world that I loved from the first three games, almost seemlessly. However, I see a lot of criticism about the faces and how the game looks, amongst other things. Are people STILL salty about the ending of Mass Effect 3? Or is the criticism genuine? For me personally, this is definitely a Game of the Year-contender, so far.
  4. For a good game, it has a lot of aspects from bad games. Terrible loading times, awful matchmaking and shitloads of hackers to just name a few. I still love doing heists with my friends, though. Even though it has its flaws, it's still enjoyable, and that's what it's about in the end.
  5. Here are some videos from heists we did, my voice quality isn't very good, but I've learned to record it seperately now, so it should be better in the future.
  6. Two games: - Metro 2033. This game was so frigging hard for me to play even on the easiest difficulty setting that I just had to give up. It's a shame, because it looks awesome, just like its sequel, especially since the enhanced editions are out, but I'm afraid I'll just not be able to finish them. I don't know why that game was so hard for me, it just was. - The Banner Saga. This game I enjoyed immensely. Until I reached the final boss. The amount of sneaky code the developers put in there to make the battle unfair was just so infuriating to me, that I refused to finish it. I tried the battle I think about 5 times, before giving up. Such a shame, it's an awesome game otherwise.
  7. I liked Her Story a lot, so a sequel can only make me happy. I wonder if they will bring many changes along with the game.
  8. 1. Fallout 4 (even though I am not done with it yet, the gameplay is just amazing) 2. Rocket League 3. Her Story
  9. Welp, time to switch platforms.
  10. I can understand Twitch's reaction: they're a company that's been given a bad name to outsiders because of stunts like this. But yeah, a prank is a prank, and this prank didn't really hurt anybody. So I would say Twitch overreacted, but I understand their sentiment.
  11. If you prefer to do other things at the moment, then go do those other things! Nothing wrong with not playing video games if you don't feel like playing video games. Just play them whenever there's a new game coming out that you're really excited about, for example.
  12. Finally, a medium that understands that its responsibility is more important than clickbait. But yeah, it was worrying that Valve has let an error like that slip through.
  13. I'll probably watch it, because I enjoyed the anime, but I have heard some negative things about the movie. I'll just have to see it for myself, I guess.
  14. Hahaha, I know, right! The whole aura around that band is awesome, they're so upbeat and unserious, but meanwhile their music is of really high quality. That's why I love them.
  15. Death Parade's intro is the best anime intro ever: The band that made the song is called Bradio, and they're my favourite band right now.