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  1. I was more insulted that Peter Dinklage is practically filling the "hilarious midget" character archetype when he plays Tyrion so well. It's like when Aaron Paul got that role in the move Need For Speed.
  2. ...but I'm one of the people who got the bad ending for The Witcher 3. And I'm one of the people who probably needs a therapist after receiving said ending. I still love TW3 and I'm going to replay it, but I decided to, while I was still feeling that way, to record how I was feeling about the ending. I wanted it to be a place where people who got the same ending could relate to what I was saying, but it's not like I'm big enough for that anyway lol. Still, I wanted to share it somewhere and I figured this would be a nice place since Angry Joe is a huge fan of the series like me, and so are some of you. Anyways, I've probably talked enough. I hope you enjoy! Video is 4 minutes long. Link: https://youtu.be/vdmga5hqp4M EDIT: (Can someone explain why my BBCode isn't working right now?)
  3. I honestly feel like Fallout 4 could still be announced. This could be a response to the rumors about Fallout 4, and maybe they're trying to die down any hype people have for it so they can be surprised when they announce it.
  4. With the price increase, you might as well get the AUG instead of the m4a1. It used to be better not to get the AUG because of the money difference but that difference is very small now. I'm probably gonna start using the m4a4 more.
  5. 1:00 Was it lag?... OR WAS IT ROLLERSKATES. Haha, but yeah dude, nice video. I was legitimately laughing out loud at some parts. The goofy scream killed me
  6. I'm glad The Witcher series is getting more attention, because it deserves it. I wish they would tone it down on trailers, but I can always just ignore them. It's so tempting to watch them, but from a previous experience where I spoiled the game for myself by seeing too much media coverage of it, I decided not to. But god, waving those gameplay footage thumbnails in front of my face is like the equivalent of putting boobs in your YouTube thumbnail years ago. I almost just have to click it lol. This reminded me of something, I always felt guilty in TW1 for sleeping around so much. Even in TW2 you have the option to sleep with others and I always thought Triss was supposed to be your main romantic interest. I guess in this game I'll just do whatever I feel like doing. Normally I'd feel obligated to choose Yennefer since that's why Geralt was going after The Wild Hunt, but I guess I'll just choose whoever I want. Who I think would end up being Triss because of TW2 development.
  7. I remember when I really wanted Kirby Returns to Dreamland as a kid (Back then I think it was just called Kirby Adventure). It wasn't released for years, then it finally comes to fruition on the Wii. It came during the time period where I don't even play my Wii anymore. That's when I felt like my dream was stomped on... I've created a new one since then though (As you can see).
  8. I didn't even use the search function this time, so I wasn't aware of the other threads. Which I thought that was clear in my post when I said "I come up with my own thread idea,[...]". Guess that could be easily missed though. I assumed there weren't threads like the one I was creating since I haven't seen one like this before. Yeah, they do answer my question... You've got a point. I didn't mean that when it came to relevancy though. I've been in another community where if you post a thread with a similar topic to one that was made awhile ago, people attack you. On there they call it "mini-modding" I think. I thought that's what you were subtly doing. Sorry about that.
  9. *Sigh* There have been so many duplicate threads before and within a short time span. Like "FAVORITE GAME ON PS3" or something. I come up with my own thread idea, and you have to post links to threads that were created months ago. I honestly don't care if someone had this idea before me, and I don't see a reason as to why you had to post those when they're irrelevant now. Not every single thread is going to be completely original Dude, that sounds fucking awesome. I kind of do something similar when I'm playing DayZ, except I'm using my imagination. A month or two ago I got mixed in a battle at the NW airfield, and both groups killed each other. I liked thinking to myself that that was the end of my character's story.
  10. I think some of us have had a dream boy/girl at some point in time in their lives. You have a perfect image of what your significant other would be like, and you wish that you would meet them someday... (Yeah, I know the way I started this thread sounds horrific but bear with me) ..But what's your dream game? I'm talking about a game that you've wanted to happen for a long time, and it just hasn't been created yet. Maybe games that are somewhat similar have been made, but your true dream game is what I'm talking about. As in it fits that image in your head, and it's satisfying the way it's been executed. My dream game is a game about pirates (No, Black Flag won't fit the bill). I want it to be open-world and online. And I want it to have pirate ships that you can actually sail on. You could do multiple things on the ship, have a full crew and captain, and get into battles while you're on your way somewhere (looking for treasure or whatever). The game "No Man's Sky" kind of reminds me of this (Although I don't know full details about that game). And I'd want it to be that you could have plenty to do on land as well. Sid Meier's "Pirates!" is a good example of some stuff you could potentially do. Like tavern brawls, dueling, or even taking over a city if you have the right amount of men to do so. And I'd want it to be completely multiplayer. If it was made as an MMO, I'd want it to be different from other MMO's. Like the way DayZ is. Well, that's my dream game. Tell me what your dream game is if you have one!
  11. I thought it was an immersive role-playing game since I already do this irl everyday. Hm. Like when he ran into that table, I do something similar. I run up to family picnics and just dive on the food. tbh idk why they even get mad at me
  12. I'm gonna snort crack off a hooker's ass. Then eat some waffles. Chocalate-chip. I'm also probably gonna be snowed in while I'm eatin my waffles at waffles house smfh. I'm staying there if that happens. I would just try to leave on foot but I've seen the movie The Grey. Nope. Not today (tomorrow) man-eating wolves.
  13. Wow. I gotta say, the game looks pretty good from the little bit of the trailer I decided to watch. I'm glad that they met their kickstarter goal.
  14. The Last of Us. A little after finishing that game, something happened to me in life that made me be able to relate to it more. I love that game.
  15. Glad to help in whatever way I can Also, make sure you know what to look for when buying a pc (I'm talking about PC specs). I assume you already do though. If not just say so.