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  1. Knock liked a post in a topic by Kaz32 in Pixels. A movie about videogame classic characters attacking earth. Sounds good, buuuuuutt.....   
    Oh. Oh HELL no. I ain't watching it even if it's shown for free on my cable TV in 2 years. I rather watch Fifty Shades of Grey than watch another Adam Sandler comedy crap. And since I will never ever watch Fifty shades, that means a lot.
      Poor bastard. He's back to doing his old comedy role. Elf comes to mind. ARGH!
  2. Dane2hip48 liked a post in a topic by Knock in Well now we know what Bethesda will be showing at E3 I guess   
    I honestly feel like Fallout 4 could still be announced. This could be a response to the rumors about Fallout 4, and maybe they're trying to die down any hype people have for it so they can be surprised when they announce it.
  3. Alexander452 liked a post in a topic by Knock in Just like Counter-Strike, but more tactical   
    1:00 Was it lag?...
    Haha, but yeah dude, nice video. I was legitimately laughing out loud at some parts. The goofy scream killed me
  4. Knock liked a post in a topic by Jayson's Rage in Jayson's Rages (New Series!!!)   
    I finally finished with my first ever episode of Jayson's Rages, the show where I'm loud enough with my opinion to be right..... That's how it works, right?
    Anyways, enjoy the first episode! I had fun ranting!

  5. CaptainKickass69 liked a post in a topic by Knock in Goat simulator :D   
    I thought it was an immersive role-playing game since I already do this irl everyday. Hm.
    Like when he ran into that table, I do something similar. I run up to family picnics and just dive on the food. tbh idk why they even get mad at me
  6. Knock liked a post in a topic by Wolfspawn in Your "Dream Game"   
    An RPG (post-apocalyptic, maybe?) with multiple plot threads you could pick up. Basically, you'd be able to forge your OWN main quest, instead of one the devs have made for you. One catch, though. When you die, that's the end of the game. However, instead of making you rage, death would be handled in such a way to where it would wrap up all the plot threads. This way, the game would have almost INFINITE replayability.
  7. Knock liked a post in a topic by Eleglas in Your "Dream Game"   
    A Star Wars game with a dark and gritty atmosphere where I play as a young Boba Fett. What shall it be called? Star Wars 1313 of course... What? They were already making it and then cancelled it? God damn it Disney, stomping all over my dreams again!
  8. AshkPunk liked a post in a topic by Knock in A bit sad for missing out.   
    Well, I'm part of this new generation that is growing up with new and fancy games nowadays, but I still played the old ones. I was a gamer since I was 4. I think one of the best times in my life was when all of my siblings actually stayed in the same house, and they weren't off in different parts of the world like they are now. We would play 4-player Kirby Air-Ride for what seemed like hours into the night. It was great.
    Maybe people who reminisce on when they played games back then aren't always talking about the games themselves, but just the experience altogether. Whether it be with friends or not. Idk. That's what would apply to me personally though.
    I have to say, gaming has changed quite a bit, but I don't think it's impossible for things like this to still happen (fun family gaming). It's just that kids now get to experience it differently. And of course there is online gaming, which might spoil some of the experiences for them. Who knows. 
    Every once in awhile when I'm feeling nostalgic, I'll go back and play those games I loved as a kid. Then I realize how much I changed. They were great for their time though.
  9. CaptainKickass69 liked a post in a topic by Knock in Goat simulator :D   
    I thought it was an immersive role-playing game since I already do this irl everyday. Hm.
    Like when he ran into that table, I do something similar. I run up to family picnics and just dive on the food. tbh idk why they even get mad at me
  10. Knock liked a post in a topic by IcedAjack in What i hate about the next gen console wars (warning extreme bitching and rambling)   
    I don't concern myself with it. I play the games I like to play, on the platform I have them for.
  11. Knock liked a post in a topic by Gone in What i hate about the next gen console wars (warning extreme bitching and rambling)   
    As a member of the PC gaming master race (joke intended there people, don't take it seriously) I know the flaws of our beloved system.....
    Price is the biggest one. While you can get a good budget PC that will run games you lose graphical quality. A high end system can cost upwards into the thousands. Constant maintenance and driver updates. If something goes wrong it can be pricey to fix.
    Issues running some games. While there is usually always a fix, some games just don't like to be installed and played. They want you to jump through hoops first.
    Comfort. Even in a nicely padded gaming chair the old legs and back can ache. I sometimes get wrist ache if I game for too long (or masturbate profusely).
    I do mock consoles sometimes but I don't mean it in a serious way.
    We have consoles in the house and I do use them on occasion. 
    I've never seen the point in console wars myself. I only use the Master Race thing in parody .... or to annoy really zealous console users because it is, on occasion, hilarious.
  12. Knock liked a post in a topic by argetlam350 in Valentine's Day...Who's Ready?   
    Probably play The Last of Us: Left Behind then taking my younger bros out to the movies to see The Lego Movie.
    But here's some funny valentine cards:

  13. Sigma081 liked a post in a topic by Knock in Valentine's Day...Who's Ready?   
    I'm gonna snort crack off a hooker's ass. Then eat some waffles. Chocalate-chip. 
    I'm also probably gonna be snowed in while I'm eatin my waffles at waffles house smfh. I'm staying there if that happens. I would just try to leave on foot but I've seen the movie The Grey. Nope. Not today (tomorrow) man-eating wolves.
  14. Knock liked a post in a topic by Memnor in I NEED HELP AND GUIDANCE IMMEDIATELY   
    A lot of people never find what they really want to do in life, their real passion, or find it really late. You are among the lucky ones, this is a great thing! However, the world beeing what it is, and you beeing poor, you have to be realistic: the path to achieve your dream will not be a straight one!
    I know the system try to make you believe "your supposed to choose a working line, study it, than work in that path until you die. Work is not supposed to be fun, blablabla." Well, thats totally wrong and false! Your life will be full of different steps and periods, some of them being a necessary way to achieve, one day, your dream.
    If you can't study directly in video games, what would be the steps necessary to one day reach that? Think about it. Think about the problems your facing. Beeing poor? Start by working on that.
    You know the secret to people acheiving their dream? (singer, actor, game creator or whatever?) They KNOW its not a direct and simple path! You have to make a plan!
    You can't start directly with your dream game design/graphic/writing study... so what? Start by learning a profession you still find acceptable to practice a few years, until you get enough money to do what you really want. Comptability, science, whaterver you find not so bad. If that choice can be a bonus later in your dream job, its even better! (computer programmation, social communication, company management, etc.)
    Don't forget a lot of subjects will not be lost for future study, like english, mathematic, philosophy, computer, etc. And later... when the time come, it will go fast! Only studying the essential on your second and dream line of work. (game history, writing script and scenario, game design, game shedule, etc.)
    Lets say you start with computer programmation study, then finish school and start working and making money. You are not force to wait 10 years to get enough money to return to school... just take adult evening course at the same time, or even correspondence course from USA or Canada! I tell it again, without mathematic, english and basic course, it will go FAST!
    And then, in maybe 2 years of that... because you didn't surrender your dream, because you accepted to work a little longer, because you have make a plan... you will LIVE YOUR DREAM, something few people can do! And you will be happy, and having fun at job! Priceless!
    Your family love you and care for you, thats why they want you to take a secure path/job, at least to their eyes. But when they tell to "grow up", they talk of ignorance, and should take game industry more seriously. Its up to you to inform them on the subject, its part of life too.
    Game industry is SO MUCH MONEY! Look, im living in Quebec/Canada, and since 10 years, there is so many studio coming to Montreal city, hiring hundreds of people, years after years! There is more and more gamers, women being almost 50% of gaming community. Some country are developping their internet infractstuctures year after year, bringing millions more gamers each year!
    And you know... while every one had difficulty since 2008 and the financial crisis... industry closing and shutting down... well, gaming industry didn't give a fuck! It was almost untouch and as i was saying, continiously developp new studios and investing billions around the world. You can make serious research and expose a lot of great fact to your family about how secure game industry is. Its up to you!
    Ho, and this industry is worldwide, so you are able to travel, work elsewhere, see the world if you want. Working in Japan, South Korea is possible, and even if temporary, should be awesome! You are not limited to USA, and the salary is quite good!
    So... i wish you the best luck. And never forget, if you can't go from point A to point C directly, remember you can still reach it with a little patience by going trough point B! 
  15. Knock liked a post in a topic by NuclearWaffles in Mass effect   
    punching the same reporter 3 times in 3 games, I don't know why but I find that hilarious
  16. Knock liked a post in a topic by MalcolmXtreme in My Tumblr Comic Strips   

  17. Knock liked a post in a topic by Geist in Mass Effect 4 Gossip   
    I've heard they're banking off the Pokemon success and going with color editions. I'm going with Mass Effect: Ruby when it comes out.
  18. Knock liked a post in a topic by Mr. LoadsaMoney in Wazzup?!   
    How goes it everyone? I made an account here when it first started up but haven't been using it so I thought, what better place to get started than the introduction forum. So let's get started!
    My name is Colton, I'm a 17 y.o. male from central California.
    I am pretty much only a major fan of the shooter genre, but I will play other things (especially racing), they're just my preference.
    My main interests are firearms (IRL), cooking, music (rock of all kinds, blues, jazz, oldies especially Bing Crosby), and pretty much any type of weaponry, oh and of course video games.
    I only play on PC (its all i really got). My steam is Mr. LoadsaMoney (which I am always on), my origin is MistaLoadsaMoney (which sometimes I'm on). Feel free to add me on either account (steam is preferred)
    I would like to have some more friends to play with, I currently only play with people I know in person so i would like to expand my amount of friends so we can fill up our own squads/lobbies. I would prefer people around my age (just easier to connect with those my age, from my experience, of course there's exceptions I'm sure), male of female, but of course anyone is welcome regardless of age or anything else. My group of friends and I are big on co-op games like CoD Zombies, Left 4 Dead, Payday, or any multiplayer games encouraging teamwork (Battlefield, ARMA/DayZ, Counter Strike, etc.). My friends and I are also in love with Just Cause 2 Multiplayer right now, It's hilarious and just an overall silly, great time.
    If you think you would like to talk to me, and possibly join in with my other friends (there's only about 3 others or so in my "group of friends," don't be shy), let me know! It would be great to have another person join us. Add me on steam, here, or just reply to this post!
  19. Danko1900 liked a post in a topic by Knock in Steam Winter Sale has just begun.   
    I found something specifically for this occasion bud.

    "Most wonderful tiiiime of the yeeear" :')
  20. Danko1900 liked a post in a topic by Knock in Steam Winter Sale has just begun.   
    I found something specifically for this occasion bud.

    "Most wonderful tiiiime of the yeeear" :')
  21. Knock liked a post in a topic by Gone in Christmas Parties   
    1998. We'd just finished in Northern Ireland and moved on to Germany. Spent Christmas on barracks so we decided to have a party at the NAAFI.
    After one too many drinks I ended up in the room of one of the NAAFI girls ... I say girl ... she was in her 50's ... with a disliking of razors. 
    Hairiest lass i've ever slept with.
    And no bugger let me forget me.
  22. Knock liked a post in a topic by Gunp0int in DayZ Early Access is GO!   
    I ran one of the biggest clans for this game a long time ago. I can tell $30 would be a STEAL for this game. Find some buddies and play regulairy. However there are only TWO things I look forward to in the standalone.
    2. zombies need to be way more realistic and powerful
    Rocket bascially redid the whole arma II engine and THEN started devolping the game. They are a small team and don't exactly have a big budget. They are only coming out with the alpha because people have been dying to play.
  23. MajorMittens liked a post in a topic by Knock in Youtube ... it has begun ...   
    I honestly don't see things changing. Youtube hasn't said a word about any of their practices (from what I've noticed) and it seems like they just ignore feedback half the time. I remember when this new crap layout came into place, there was a button on the bottom right that said "give feedback" and you could tell them what you hated about the new Youtube. It's like they took all of that feedback...
    and said "fuck this shit lmfao i do wut i want bich"
    I really hope the fact that the internet is so outspoken against what they've been doing finally makes them realize they should change, but I honestly can't see them changing at all. So maybe people will move to a different streaming service... idk. I'm not too optimistic
  24. Knock liked a post in a topic by SgtMerrick in Replying to comments.   
    Yes. I agree.
    To whom am I agreeing though? The world may never know.
  25. EvoDube liked a post in a topic by Knock in Feedback Appreciated   
    I think it's good that you take the time to edit your content, instead of just uploading every single second of your footage. I watched a Portal 2 video, and I didn't think it was bad at all. Another thing that adds to it is that you two make jokes and can laugh at each other and whatnot. Like when your friend told the turret "you're gonna sit your ass in the corner" and you were laughing.
    I would watch more of your content, but I barely even watch Let's Plays. From what I can tell though, you would be as good as most out there. If not better. I think you should keep your friend in your videos, because when there's more than one person I think the video becomes more interesting.
    I don't really like it too much (normally) when somebody is talking to themself in a Let's Play. << That is a personal preference though.
    EDIT: I just re-watched it. the turret part where Token was trying to die was funny lol