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  1. Howdy y'all, haven't been back here in a spell. Is the AJSA at all still active and relevant these day?
  2. Fair enough, but thankfully Shagger's very competent with them, so I'm sure he'll be fine with Minecraft.
  3. Oh It differs quite a bit from the tablet version mate. I don't think you can ever really compare a tablet version of anything to a console or PC version.
  4. Beats me, not my game. I know they had a tournament a little while ago, and do regular training sessions, but I have no idea what tournaments are coming up. And I also haven't seen Damion for a while, or at least he's on a little less often. Try contacting one of the Officers for all the juicy details though.
  5. You should probably elaborate a bit mate, since Shagger's specifically wanting to get it for the Xbox. And on point; Totally go for it. It's an incredible amount of value for money.
  6. You could just have checked in an off hour. As I understand it, the War Thunder clan is now competitive, and bit more concentrated, so that might be a factor too.
  7. I'm not a technical expert, and If you won't take my word for it I know Nya can explain the details to you, but I assure you, both the X1 and PS4 are quite capable of displaying native 1080p resolutions. I agree completely. I think people are too eager to hate on Microsoft. Like you said, the PR massacre of last years E3 might still be fresh in some peoples minds, so they often forget to notice when Microsoft actually does great things, like with this deal. It's a shame really, because It keeps a certain fog of war on this console generation; People with big voices, like that Black Buster guy on Youtube, only steps up to criticize Microsoft, but neglects to highlights the good parts, something Boogie does very well.
  8. And if she yells at you, peck her in the eye and coo.
  9. My bad, but Chumbry provided a good list, also Watch Dogs.
  10. Well depending on your preferences; Ryse, Forza, Fable Legends, Quantum Break, just about all the ID@Xbox games, more Gears of War and Crackdown if third person shooters are acceptable, Killer Instinct, Phantom Dust and Sunset Overdrive. Plenty of options, and that's just the ones announced, there's still a good few exclusive projects yet to be announced.
  11. I kinda wish they'd left the toddlers out though.
  12. Well then by all means, flamebait away.
  13. Where do you expect this thread to go from here? You're not adding something that can actually result in a constructive thread, you're just flamebaiting.
  14. Overreact much? This really isn't doing anything constructive. The Xbox One is not dying, and Japan was never Its strongest market to begin with.