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  1. Jackschmit liked a post in a topic by stealthyshiroean in # of buttons for ESO skill bar, GOOD OR BAD?   
    I know this has come under fire for ESO and also in GW2, but I really like this way of combat in MMOs. I've never really been one to get very far in MMOs so I never had to consistently deal with a ton of skills all at once. However, when I would start getting more skills it was always intimidating for me especially if I took a break from the game and then went back to it. I would never remember what was what and how I comboed things together. So...I really like the less skills idea. Allows me to keep track of everything I can do. Although I feel the game kind of improves on this system a bit more than how it was in GW2 by allowing the morphing of skills to make them more versatile. 
  2. stealthyshiroean liked a post in a topic by Papabear in AH Yeah New Job!   
    Just landed a new job at a software company called Tap to Eat. Now I can easily afford them Elder Scrolls collector edition! 
    Now I look down on those peasants running like damn animals! F*** Yeah Horses!
  3. stealthyshiroean liked a post in a topic by Eleglas in Elder Scrolls Online Released the NDA   
    The only thing I can think of is FINALLY! I finally get to fully explain why I enjoyed my time in beta and why I decided to preorder.
  4. LordZaranax liked a post in a topic by stealthyshiroean in Necromancy in ESO   
    Well, they do have summoning. I'm sure there probably is something along those lines. I can't honestly say for sure though if you have raising the dead. If not, then I can see how that might be implemented at a future date. In terms of it being a deciding factor....I really think you should reconsider. ESO has more going for it then just whether or not necromancy is in the game. Now as to whether or not you should spend your money...enh, I think if you're on the fence then you should wait for reviews unless you're a hardcore fan only because that's a lot of money to drop on something you're not sure about.
  5. Dozer1635 liked a post in a topic by stealthyshiroean in Nether   
    This game is really fun except when you die and then you lose a lot. I suppose that's the thrill of it though. I would love to play with someone who I know wouldn't shoot me in the back. Although...I suck at aiming so don't get too peeved if I accidentally shoot you, haha.
  6. stealthyshiroean liked a post in a topic by IcedAjack in Greetings from stealthyshiroean!   
    Welcome! Hope you enjoy your time here!