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  1. Trooper liked a post in a topic by DOOMINATOR in Star Wars Battlefront 3 Wishlist   
    I like doing wishlists for games that I am exited about and although we have only seen a really short trailer for Star Wars Battlefront (It does not have a 3 on the end!!!), I am still very exited for it. 
    I decided to do this in video for because it is more enjoyable that way. So anyway what would you like to see in Star Wars Battlefront, other than for EA not to screw it up.
  2. DOOMINATOR liked a post in a topic by Orpo in Fallout 4 Wishlist!   
    The karma system was so bad. I'm tired of games trying to tell you this is good and this is bad. I can figure out by myself seeing the consequences.
  3. jhwisner liked a post in a topic by DOOMINATOR in Fallout 4 Wishlist!   
    Great list Charybdisjim! There are alot of points there and I agree with almost all of them. 
  4. DOOMINATOR liked a post in a topic by jhwisner in Fallout 4 Wishlist!   
    Let me preface by saying that I absolutely loved and played the hell out of Morrowind, Oblivion, Fallout 3, Fallout New Vegas, and Skyrim.  That being said, I've had plenty of time to experience the things that I don't feel Bethesda has done all that well with.
    =Major points of civilization need to feel like significant presences in the region rather than bizarrely isolated pockets inhabited by a few quest/plot NPCs and RPG village tropes=
    Locations - especially inhabited ones - need to feel more significant and believable in the context of where and when they are.  That's to say that it's several hundred years after the bombs fell and it shouldn't feel like some people are just figuring out they have to deal with the idea that it happened.  So the "big" locations or centers of power should be more fleshed out than Rivet City was for example and most places shouldn't seem like the only reason there's anyone there alive to talk to is because you stumbled upon them before the horrible town-slaughtering monsters on the other side of yonder boulder did.  New vegas kind of did this with Vegas itself - even if it felt ridiculous a times it wasn't a stretch to see it as a significant feature in the local geopolitical landscape.    Things like how it kept itself fed, supplied, and defended were touched on and part of the high level design of the area and its surroundings even if they weren't nescessarily something you were hit over the head with unless you stumbled into it.  Fallout 2 also managed to do this very well at times, if somewhat inconsistently due to areas being cut due to time/budget constraints.  In fallout 1 the consistent small semi-isolated pockets of civilization was appropriate with the opening of the timeline.
    =It's been a couple hundred years since the bombs dropped, if they're going to keep count then they need to let the world evolve at least a little =
    There should be a thematic and visual distinction between the post-apocalyptic bones of the old world and the movers and shakers building the new one.  After a few hundred years, people are going to build new buildings.  They might be adobe and brick rather than skyscrapers, but after a few generations of living in burnt out shells of pre-war buildings a few people would have at least built something less likely to fall on their heads and moved into it where possible.  So the ruined bombed out architecture shouldn't be the near universal theme it was in Fallout 3 and maybe even a little less than it was in fallout NV.  Save the forest of broken steel and shattered concrete mostly for the unreclaimed wilderness and maybe some outcast/downtrodden settlements here and there.  
    The steel and concrete corpse of the old world certainly wouldn't be gone, but by now that should be one of the types of wilderness areas.  Particularly if we're going to a different region, it would be refreshing to see forests and swamps and other kinds of wilderness without having to wait for a DLC.  It can be mutated forest and swampland encroaching into the decaying streets and ruined buildings of course, but they should give themselves a limit to the ammount of "brown" and "beige" and "grey" they can cover the game world in.
    I'd like to see a big role for factions which are responsive in ways that make sense.  It's a potentially effective and inexpensive way to produce the feeling of consequences for certain decisions.  Fallout New Vegas was ambitious in this regard and it succeeded more than it failed I think, but since Bethesda shouldn't have to scratch their heads working a faction/reputation mechanic into existing game systems like Obsidian did it should work better.  Skyrim has demonstrated they can create the systems required for complex faction relationships - even though they weren't utilized anywhere near their potential in that game.   It did demonstrate that they could create a system where an individual NPC's reactions to you could be governed by their past associations with you specifically as well as multiple faction memberships -  each of which could provide context specific AI packages and interactions.  
    Just because the world is being allowed to reflect how much time has passed doesn't mean we can't have some good old fashioned post-apocalyptic tribalism and factional conflict.  Probably just don't have take tribalism to mean primitive tribal culture as a deep divide and competition between associations based around loose family ties as much as ideology; that's actually something I think New Vegas did well with its "four tribes" which evolved into the four families by the time the game opens.
    A revamped VATS - probably more from a technical standpoint than anything else; it can be a fun mechanic but it can also be slow and tedious to go in and out of even when it's not being unresponsive that it really grinds the gameplay to a crawl.  I'm not saying make it twitchier nescessarily but you shouldn't spend most of the time you're using it waiting for the camera to decide what it thinks it should focus on - which even money has it being the wrong thing.  
    More interesting things to do offensively in and out of VATS would be nice.  That means better response from the AI and the world to weapons fire - grenades or a hail of gunfire should send thinking enemies running for cover just as a flame-thrower should scare the crap out of anything that should be afraid of fire.  It also means more than light attack, heavy attack, and block with melee combat.   It would be nice to be able to chase raiders into that somewhat hidden deathclaw nest you found a few minutes back using their reasonable fear of explosions and jets of flame.  
    More varied enemies in general and more appropriate behavior from them too - smart enemies need to be a whole lot less dumb and maybe break up the swarms of cazadores or yaogui or feral ghouls with a few more entries in the bestiary (ones that don't study from the same bezerker handbook.)
    =Ending Slides - but don't be so stingy about showing us the fruits of our good/bad/hilarious/unhinged deeds only in an ending slide show=
    I love those things - they help reinforce the feeling that your passing through the game world has left some sort of meaningful impact.  Basically an acknowledgment of the idea that, for better or worse, you changed things and here's how.  By this point though they can stand to have some of that impact be more immediately felt and expressed during the game too.  Fallout 3 gave you the options to destroy the BOS and Megaton at certain points in the game and that's a nice gesture, but it would also be rewarding to see less heavy handed light-side/dark-side style choice/consequence at play.  Being able to level a town or help it should book end the extremes to which you can go in some situations, but it shouldn't be all be either/or/ignore.  
    Basically I want to see at least a couple of the things I set into motion actuall set into motion, even though the far reaching impacts of my character's actions are probabl better spelled out in the epilogue.  
    This is an area where Bethesda could learn a lot from CDProjekt Red, Obsidian and Bioware.  They do manage to create a few very interesting characters, but the well doesn't go much deeper than what you can draw out of a few layers of a dialogue tree.  I don't need or want them to write me a harem of potential romantic interests - I worry they'd be even more awkward than some of Bioware's less well executed love interests given their relative lack of experience writing them.  I would like to see them have a large range of characters who have significant reactions to what's going on in the world and what my character does.  Take Mjoll - one of Bethesda's better examples of a character with a fully conceived personality.  Unfortunately it didn't mean too much when she dutifully followed along as you rebuilt the theive's guild and assassinated your way across the province as a member and then master of the Dark Brotherhood.  
    For all the issues I may have had with Geralt in the Witcher 2 (he did like to make bad decisions on your behalf in between chapters and seemed incapable of recognize immenient treachery when someone was practically wearing an "I will betray you" t-shirt and looking generally shifty) the other characters in that game represent something Bethesda has always lacked in their first party creations.  Fallout 4 would greatly benefit from the inclusion of characters that could compare to Roche or Saskia from TW2, and Boone or Veronica from Fallout New Vegas, and Legion or Wrex or Mordin from ME, and HK-47 from KOTOR, and Morte from Planescape torment.  They don't need to go the full Bioware on us and I don't demand another travelling soap opera as my pool of followers (not that those can't be done well sometimes) but I really want to see some characters who have more than those 3 or 4 layers of dialogue tree and a couple token comments to define them beyond whatever personality their voice actor can instill in them.  A few NPCs who have enough to them that you like or loathe them enough that you kind of care whether or not something you do is going to screw them over or help them out - that would be great.  A handful of NPCs at least that have personal and internally consistent reactions to things you do beyond immediate dialgoue options how you handle one of their quests?  Like maybe getting more than a little pevish after you bring death and ruin to an entire town or region - or maybe thrilled at it if that's the kind of character they are?  Well that would be pretty nice too.
    While I thought Sheogorrath from Shivering Isles was great, I don't think it's good that he may be the most fully fleshed out NPC whose relationship with the PC is compelling and feels like it exists between and beyond the span of his role of giving you his latest task to complete.  That of all the NPCs they've written, the one I think of as having the most extensive and self-consistent interactions with and reactions to the player character is the Lord of Madness is a bit unfortunate, as much as I did love that guy - terrible fake Scottish accent and all.
    =Choices and Consequences, that don't feel like a game of chutes and ladders=
    Not everything needs a spectrum of choices, but the really big ones probably do.  It's impractical to work multiple non-binary solutions into every problem in a game that's as expansive as one would expect from Bethesda and I'm ok with that.  It is practical though to work that into at least some of the really big decision points.  Either wipe Megaton off the map or forgoe working for Ten Penny?  Why not a third way - convince Ten Penny to comission you to put them in their place and under his thumb and find some way to make them beholden to him?  Why not a fourth way - expose the plot to exterminate one of the largest civillian settlements in the region to the people of that town or the Brotherhood of Steel (the DC ones would actually care about that and you'd think that the Sherrif of the town would have more to say about a madman in a tower taking steps to murder his town than "here's my hat.")  Maybe Tenpenny is mad beyond reason and there's no third way to be had from talking to him, but even that seems like it demands a response from other characters and might open up at least the tease of other possibilities.  Really big threats and the potential for particularly nasty atrocities are the kinds of things that, when you're character discovers them, should involve more reactivity from characters and choices to be made than help or harm or ignore.  At the very least these are things that would be valuable news to NPCs who might be in the middle of it.  Even if it's not the kind of thing that should elicit a reward just for telling them about it, it should elicit an appropraitely significant reaction.
    This is also an area where smartly done factions could help out quite a bit.  Doing big things in ways where word would be expected to get around should generate responses beyond the quest giver and target.  Even if you couldn't be traced to the mass murder of Megaton, you'd think this wold be a thing that would scare the crap out of the residents of Rivet City and be of some interest to the Brotherhood.  An example of this being done well would probably be some of the New Reno/Vault City/NCR interwoven quest-lines from Fallout 2 - with restoration patch tidying up scripting errors. 
    I'm fine with there not being many working vehicles in civilian hands, but people would have found something to put a saddle on/nail a seat to by now.  Also would make sense for forces that have access to and can maintain VTOL aircraft to have something between that and hiking to get around on foot, at least in areas they control and maintain.  It would be nice to be able to get access to one of these things as a player character at some point too - even if it's just a vehicle of the fur and hoof variety.  You can obtain power armor and weapons made new by the vestiges of the old world power elite that survived the end of the world, but you you can't saddle up some of the much feared battle cattle to call our own?
    Also, the roads should either be far more faded and deteriorated or people would be making more use of them.  If there are still roads as intact as they were in Fallout 3 even later in the world's history, then they should probably have them being maintained and probably patrolled by regional powers as well used by something more than brahmin caravans to justify the effort.  If they're going to keep using bizarrely well preserved roads as convenient means of leading the player between major points of interest, the should give us something to use on them.  Again, I'd be fine with battle cattle or a nice comfy yoagui to tour around on.
    =Player Progression=
    I'd kind of like to see a hybrid between the tree organization of perks in Skyrim and the most ad-hoc means of chosing perks in previous fallout games.  If they can combine the freedom to pick things that flesh out your character that make sense for skills/stats that you had in Fallouts 1-NV with the sense of progressing towards mastery and specialization that you can get from branching perk-lines I think that would be good.  Maybe have perk sets for every skill, but also multiple shorter trees (even one or two perks long) categorized by associated stat or thematically.  Actually, having one or two dozen modest-length - and more significantly branching - themed perk lines could be the way to go.  A six-string-samurai, plutonium cowboy, creative combustion enthusiast, smooth operator, scourge of the wastes, unwashed survivalist, surreptitious property liberator, silently but deadly, etc. tree might work and feel more... fallouty?
  5. nickyzhere liked a post in a topic by DOOMINATOR in Fallout 4 Wishlist!   
    I decided to make a Fallout 4 wishlist video since Fallout 3 and New Vegas are both 2 of my favourite games. None of my ideas and suggestions are too specific or far-out so I can imagine that Bethesda (or whoever actually ends up making the game) including many of these features.
    I cant wait for an actual announcement of Fallout 4 but until then it will be fun to discuss what we want to see.