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  1. for honor

    You had me up until you said "I want to help out the glorious weeb faction and test out my smack and run away skills with the orochi."
  2. for honor

    Has anyone happen to figure out how to group up with people not through Uplay?
  3. for honor

    I joined the knights faction simply because I didn't want to be associated with "weebs". During the closed beta, I mained the Orochi and was probably like one of the only ones in the game who never fled from combat or objectives. Towards the end, I found that I enjoy the Nobushi the best. Similarly, I didn't rely on applying bleed and running away. I try to play to the spirit of the game.
  4. for honor

    I am also new here. I participated in the closed beta on Xbox One but am planning on playing it on PC (which I just bought). I'd be interested in partying with anyone as I have no friends #foreveralone