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    1021 Nueces ct. Forney, Tx
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    Well, I like gaming DUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUH! I'm also a fan of reading though I don't do a lot of it because you know...gaming, I like to act and I'm interested into making my own games in the future.
  1. Ni No Kuni! Ni No Kuni! NI No KUNI! NI NO KUNI! NINOKUNI! NINOKUNI! NASDLKA! Ok, ok, sorry about that it's just after I recently got my hands on Ni No Kuni I...just could not get it out of my head it is a REALLY good game, with interesting characters, music, gameplay, graphics, and story. Story: You play as a boy named Oliver who's mother dies, right in front of him too! So, he meets a fairy called Mr. Drippy who tells Oliver that there me a chance to bring his mother back if he goes to Drippy's world to save it from Shadar the Dark Djin; who has the power to take a part of a person's heart and make them unable to feel that certain emotion. The story is great with its light-hearted feel and even a little bit of dark stuff mixed in as you travel the world and meet new friends who help you with their own attacks, it just keeps you guessing on what's going to happen and even has a HUGE plot twist near the end that will just make your jaw hit the floor. (and I swear if anyone who has played this game tells ANYONE the twist I will find you and fight you on the street!) The only problem is that after Shadar you met the true villain "The White Witch" who orders Shadar around, sadly she's a weak character in my opinion her backstory and motive feels over rushed while Shadar is my favorite character in the game, his backstory is rushed too but because the fact we see more of Shadar then the white Witch it didn't really bother me, he even has a redeeming moment at the end that made me feel sooo sorry for the guy. And that's another thing the game does right it has great characters that Oliver has to help. There may be some you don't like but most of them are enjoyable. Music: The soundtrack in this game is fantastic! Each music fits the mood and makes some badass moments awesome. But what do you expect when the music is composed by JOE HISAISHI! FUCK YEA!!! Graphics: Level 5, the makers of Dark Cloud and White Knight chronicles, have teamed up Studio Ghibli to help with the graphics, and it looks awesome. Some of the cut scenes have the style of animation that we've come to love from Ghibli. Gameplay: The gameplay is a unique combination and its really fun, having a 3D battleground where you choose to either cast a spell or attack and you can even switch between allies while their fighting and switch up your stratizies. It even has a Pokémon feel with creatures you captured call familiars that you can use for more physical attacks. The game took me about 40 hours to complete the main story AND that's not counting the TONS of side quest and bounties, though I could never figure out how to follow the side quests so I could know where to go to complete them but they appear on the world map so it's not a big deal. Verdict: The final verdict for Ni No Kuni is a 10/10 It's not a perfect game it's got it's problems and a slightly disappointing ending but I can't deny how much fun I had, and when I do die I know that's because I may not have good equipment or my level may not be high enough. If your a fan of RPGs and Studio Ghibli then this is a must buy. But I'm not kidding don't spoil the big twist in the game the "truth."
  2. Sadly, I can't donate any money but I can spread the word of this game to my friends. I won't let you down sir!
  3. OK guys so recently I got a copy of Kingdom Hearts 1.5 HD Remix for the PS3 which included: Kingdom Hearts Final Mix, Re:Chain of Memories, and 358/2 Days HD Cut scenes. This is my VERY first review so I will take advice and since there are 3 games I will review them one at a time, with that said let's begin with the game that started it all: Kingdom Hearts Final Mix. Ok, first off Final mix was released only in Japan and was a better version of Kingdom Hearts 1. It included new weapons, new cut scenes, and a new boss, now after years Final Mix finally comes to the United States in 1.5 HD Remix. So, the story is you play a boy name Sora who is best friends with a boy name Riku, NO NOT THAT RIKKU! And a young girl name Kairi. Being a Square Enix game, Final Fantasy characters make an appearance in the game like Squall, Cloud, and even a optional boss battle with the one-winged angel himself: Sephiroth! Well, Sora, Riku and Kairi want to go to other worlds by building themselves a raft to take them there, one night shit goes wrong real fast when strange creatures called The Heartless invade their world and destroy it the three friends are separated and Sora is left in a new world where he learns about the weapon he gets called the Keyblade which is a mysterious weapon that can lock/unlock anything and is the only thing capable of getting rid of a Heartless for good. There he meets Donald and Goofy who tell him that their king has vanished and left them a note telling them to find someone with a 'key'. So Sora joins the two as they travel to other worlds in search for their friends and to stop the Heartless. That's right! Square and Disney teamed up for Kingdom Hearts where the worlds are Disney movies so your be going to Halloween Town, Neverland and other Disney movies. So the gameplay is...well, simple you got your attack, your magic, your items, and summons which are Disney characters like Simba, Dumbo, and Mushu. You level up and get new abilities that you have to equip with points so you have to think about which abilities are more important. The plat forming is a lot better then the original and the graphics are just perfect. My only problem with the graphic is that most of the game has this default Face on most of the characters when it looks more beautiful when their detailed and they ARE, its just I get creeped out when I see the default face. The music is awesome, having been recorded with REAL instruments the music has that new feel sound to it but also has the Nostalgia toon for old fans. The bosses and enemies are verified each one having their one set of weakness and strength, with the occasional Heartless boss you also get to fight Disney villains along side Disney heroes like fighting Captain hook with Peter Pan or Oggie Boogie with Jack Skeleton. So my personal verdict is a 8/10 its a great game to get people in to the series but there are some problems that annoy me but that's just my opinion if you played this game then what do you think of it, and remember this is my first review so it may not be good. Dylan out!
  4. Hey, hey, hey fellow gamers Dylanru here and I just want to say I am totally exited to be a part of this. (FYI My spelling is not that good XD) Truth be told I discovered Angry Joe by total accident ironically it was the Nostalgia Critic who got me into Angry Joe. So how did you guys discover Angry Joe?