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  1. I LOVE Star Wars, but am a bit rusty on its lore by now. Would have to find time to try this out though.
  2. Try Dragon Age: Origins but steer clear of the sequels. It's not D&D but it's said to be its spiritual successor.
  3. Dammit Legolas
  4. Dungeons and dragons ftw. It's the classic tabletop RPG. Axis & Allies when I have three months to blow lol.
  5. Well we could always use the d20srd for 3rd edition rules. 4th edition can work on roll20, but it'd require a whole ton of tracking by the DM as to what Powers the PCs have. Macro-ing works fine I suppose. Oh btw I'd be game to play if the time works out fine. Back in the old thread, it was customary to post the time you are comfortable with and your GMT time zone too.
  6. Rejoice! We were stuck to one thread back in the day.
  7. Any particular reason why you don't do d20 systems?
  8. Time to get my RP shoes on again. When are you guys free?
  9. Even though I live in Malaysia, the A-Levels is still a popular(and expensive) choice for high-school leavers to take instead of going to Sixth Form (which is free but shite; no overseas university accepts it). Of course that means that we finish our A-Levels at 19 instead of 18...oh well Oh and did I mention that we have to go through it in 18 months instead of 2 years? There are even some crazy fellas who take the killer '15-month' route.
  10. Banned for attempting to revive thread
  11. Has anyone tried D&D 5th Edition?
  12. Anyone who mentions AD&D and not just "D&D" deserves my respect.
  13. College is a bitch in terms of free time; I'll see when I can bring up a session or two.
  14. D&D/Pathfinder (it's really the same thing), Shadowrun and my made-up-version-of-Call of Cthulhu. Check out the Tabletop RPGs thread here on Forum Games and Off Topic. we could use a little bit of reviving.
  15. Anyone miss me?