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Everything posted by LoreMaster

  1. I only have GM experience with D&D and a small bit with Call of Cthulhu, the other systems can be handled by other AJSA members who are more experienced. Unlike normal video games, Tabletop adventures have to planned waaaay before hand, taking days sometimes weeks to flesh out the world and stuff like that, so I think it's important to know which system is more popular. If you can't decide, then roll 1d10 to determine results
  2. Who do you like better? The Viking Robbaz with 650,000+ suscribers or the Queen of Sweden, PewDiePie, who somehow has 20 million+ suscribers.
  3. I LOVE Star Wars, but am a bit rusty on its lore by now. Would have to find time to try this out though.
  4. Try Dragon Age: Origins but steer clear of the sequels. It's not D&D but it's said to be its spiritual successor.
  5. Dammit Legolas
  6. Dungeons and dragons ftw. It's the classic tabletop RPG. Axis & Allies when I have three months to blow lol.
  7. Well we could always use the d20srd for 3rd edition rules. 4th edition can work on roll20, but it'd require a whole ton of tracking by the DM as to what Powers the PCs have. Macro-ing works fine I suppose. Oh btw I'd be game to play if the time works out fine. Back in the old thread, it was customary to post the time you are comfortable with and your GMT time zone too.
  8. Rejoice! We were stuck to one thread back in the day.
  9. I know that this community is based on gaming but who's interested in some good ol' fashioned Dungeons & Dragons? I'm not an experienced Dungeon Master but whoever's interested check out roll20.com which has tons of cool features for those into this side of gaming. Would love to see tabletop RPGs making a comeback, for those aren't familiar with it, it's basically the granddaddy of all Role Playing Games, so there are familiar concepts like collecting gold, magical weapons, going on quests etc. The exception is that the game is mostly told through verbal description by the Dungeon Master, who's sort of like the referee for the game. Also, another thing that's different is that ANYTHING can be done within a tabletop RPG. That's because your crazy ideas are interpreted not by a computer or console, but by a human, and I can go on and on about this gem but those are the key differences. There are many versions of tabletop RPGs but the oldest and most popular is Dungeons & Dragons, which itself has different editions. The 3.5 Edition is currently available free at http://www.d20srd.org/, and you can download the latest playtest of 5th Edition (also known as D&D Next) at http://dndplaytest.wizards.com/. All you need is a mic and tons of imagination For those who play Pathfinder ( or are interested in it ), check these sites: http://paizo.com/pathfinderRPG/prd/ http://d20pfsrd.com/
  10. Any particular reason why you don't do d20 systems?
  11. Time to get my RP shoes on again. When are you guys free?
  12. Even though I live in Malaysia, the A-Levels is still a popular(and expensive) choice for high-school leavers to take instead of going to Sixth Form (which is free but shite; no overseas university accepts it). Of course that means that we finish our A-Levels at 19 instead of 18...oh well Oh and did I mention that we have to go through it in 18 months instead of 2 years? There are even some crazy fellas who take the killer '15-month' route.
  13. Banned for attempting to revive thread
  14. Has anyone tried D&D 5th Edition?
  15. Anyone who mentions AD&D and not just "D&D" deserves my respect.
  16. College is a bitch in terms of free time; I'll see when I can bring up a session or two.
  17. D&D/Pathfinder (it's really the same thing), Shadowrun and my made-up-version-of-Call of Cthulhu. Check out the Tabletop RPGs thread here on Forum Games and Off Topic. we could use a little bit of reviving.
  18. Anyone miss me?
  19. pretty much my whole life lol. college in a week though
  20. Kinda late here, but ENGLAND TILL I DIE! support from a loyal Commonwealth citizen!
  21. So what's up people?
  22. Playing as Marshall Von Paulus I order an attack on Mamayev Kurgan Hill with: x1 infantry from Goumrak x1 infantry from Yelshanka x1 infantry from Goroditche because: (reasons) -the battle of Stalingrad has just begun, my troops are energetic and have high morale. -this is their first push into deep Stalingrad, and they are eager to strike into Soviet territory -my troops are still well supplied as the battle just started
  23. To put it simply, players can take ONE action per turn, and must reinforce their action with up to 3 Reasons. After each player has taken described their action, umpires will decide the success of each action. Note that players can use their action to counter other player's actions. For this test scenario, we'll go with the Siege of Stalingrad. There'll be four players in this one, 2 Germans and 2 Russians. I will play as Von Paulus and the others would be Hube, Tarasov and Chuikov. We'll need probably...3 umpires to decide the result of our actions, although one would probably do i suppose. The turn system goes as German, Russian, German, Russian. First come first served for player slots. Umpires can jump in and out I suppose, no big deal. At the end of each round, which is after all 4 players have their actions 'judged', the troop count is updated. To make sure the game doesn't stagnate, each side must own all 12 regions after EIGHT rounds. The 'map' is like this: http://www.mapsymbs.com/wdstalingd.html Troops can move one 'tile' per action. The current troop count is: Germany -Goumrak Airfield: 3 x infantry -Yelshanka: 2 x infantry 1 x panzer -Goroditche: 2 x infantry 1 x artillery -Orlovka: 2 x infantry Soviets -Southern Station: 2 x infantry -Mamayev Kurgan Hill: 1 x infantry 2 x conscripts -Red October Factory: 1 x infantry 2 x conscripts 1 x artillery -Tractor Factory: 1 x infantry 1 x conscripts -Krasnoya Slaboda: 2 x conscripts 1 x tanks Additional Rules: -Tank units are useless in the Red October Factory and Mamayev regions -Additional units can be created as an action, within reason of course. Go creative! Well obviously the Umpire(s) have to be someone with some sort of military knowledge but I trust that the AJSA has its fair share of RTS gamers lmao.
  24. Yes it should but the thread was created before the forum game section. Anyway I've started my college but am still clinging on to my job so I'm busy all week round. Even if this launches I dont think I have time to manage it. So along with my involvement in the AJSA Tabletop RPG group I'll end this prematurely.
  25. Reboot of a wargame I tried to start couple months ago. Available nations: -United Kingdom -France -Spain -Austria -Prussia -Russia -Sweden -Rhine Confederation -Denmark-Norway -Naples-Sicily -Northen Italy -The Ottoman Empire -Portugal Rules: Armies are divided into 4 groups: Left, Centre, Right and Reserve. During battle, each group will face the opposite, eg A’s Left will face B’s Right. Reserves are not fought in battle but are used to replace tired/wounded units during battle. As armies move into hostile land (and encounter enemy armies), they can choose to either:-seek out the enemy and do battle, this will prevent the enemy from gathering more troops-camp out and wait for the enemy, this will force an impatient enemy to attack Whoever the defender is, he will be able to select the type of terrain to fight on, as follows:-Plains: Wide, flat spaces, ideal for battle-Forests: A smattering of foliage coupled with a few fields in between-Urban: Narrow streets and tight alleys-Hills: Wide but uneven terrain Frontage: Each terrain chosen has a maximum Frontage allowed, as follows:-Plains: (120)-Forests: (70)-Urban: (50-Hills: (100) Units in the Left, Right and Centre groups will occupy the Frontage allowed along with gaps in between. Example: Gap(10)Left(25)Gap(5)Centre(40)Gap(5)Right(25)Gap(10) Gaps are useful to maximize an army’s width to prevent flanking, but large Gaps will be prime targets for cavalry charges. Each regiment, regardless of type, occupies one unit of Frontage. Each Left, Right, Centre groups are further divided into 3 groups, so there are 9 Army Groups in total, as follows: L-L, L-C, L-R, C-L, C-C, C-R, R-L, R-c, R-R Orders:Groups in battle can be given the following orders, as many as wanted so long as allowed Infantry:-Skirmish Fire: Skirmishers march ahead of others and fire-Line Fire: All infantry form a battle line and fire-Column Attack (MELEE): Infantry form an attack column and march to melee-Line Attack (MELEE): Infantry form a battle line and fire while advancing to melee-Reckless Attack (MELEE): Infantry will hastily charge at the enemy, maximizing casualties on both sides-Defensive Square: Infantry will enter defensive positions for anti-cavalry effect-Elite Infantry Attack (MELEE): Whilst other Infantry softens the enemy, Grenadiers and Guard Infantry will march in and mop up the rest Cavalry:-Charge (MELEE): All cavalry will charge at the enemy, maximising usage of Gaps-Aggressive probe: Ranged cavalry will perform hit and run attacks-Hit and run: All cavalry will perform hit and run attacks-Recon: Calvalry units will perform scouting runs whilst avoiding engagement Artillery:-Bombardment: Artillery units will fire at infantry and cavalry units-Counter battery: Artillery units will focus fire on enemy artillery units-Cannons to the front!: Artillery units will have an increased chance of firing, but expose themselves as well In detail- Skirmish Fire: With light infantry given free reign over the terrain, casualties can be minimised whilst providing long range, accurate fire at the enemy. -Light Infantry Fire: +1-Enemy Fire: -2 to all, but Light Infantry are only targets Line Fire: All infantry form a battle line and fire -No effects Column Attack: A slow column of soldiers is hard to break, yet requires little training to execute -Requires Discipline Roll of 6-No Firing allowed-Morale: +1-Enemy Fire: +1 Line Attack: A mix of firing and charges brings utter destruction, although it requires more training to pull off -Requires Discipline Roll of 8-Shock: +1-Fire: -1 Reckless Attack: A frantic charge at the enemy can break tired troops to rout -No Firing allowed-Shock: +2-Enemy Fire: +1 -Enemy Morale: -1 Defensive Square: A highly sophisticated maneuvre stacks squares of infantry into a defensive echelon -Requires Discipline Roll of 8-Fire: -3-Enemy Shock: -1 to Infantry, -3 to Cavalry Elite Infantry Attack: A coordinated assault plan -Requires Discipline Roll of 10-Fire: -1-Shock: +1-Enemy Morale: -1 Charge: Cavalry will seek out gaps and exploit them -Enemy Morale: -1-For every unit of Gap, roll 1d20. Count any 20's as a Hit. Note that Gaps on the extreme flanks do not count, unless the overall army size extends over the enemy. Agressive Probe: -Forces Discipline Roll of 5 to enemy Infantry and Cavalry Hit-and-run: -Forces Discipline Roll of 7 to enemy Infantry and Cavalry Recon: -Obtains detailed information of enemies' army size and composition Bombardment/Counter Battery: -Artillery invulnerable to enemy Fire Cannons to the front!: -Fire: +2 to artillery-Artillery vulnerable to enemy fire Note: for any Infantry and Cavalry attacks to coincide, a seperate Discipline Roll of 8 must be doneNote: for All Troop Types to participate in any MELEE orders, a Discipline Roll of 10 must be doneNote: all troops that fail a DISCIPLINE roll will become DISORGANISED until the REGROUP roll is succeededNote: all Troops that are given MELEE orders must succeed a REGROUP discipline Roll of 6 to be given more orders laterNote: any Troops stuck in melee will begin a standard Shock attack next round.Note: all Troops that have entered the DISORGANISED phase must succeed a REGROUP discipline Roll of 6 to be given more orders laterNote: Troops that remain in the DISORGANISED phase cannot participate in orders but still remain as targets Counting Casualties: -For every unit participating in Fire, roll 1d10. If the number rolled is equal to or lower than the unit's Fire, one Hit is earned, that is, the Opposing enemy unit in front will take 1 Morale loss. If the army group is larger than the opponents' group, then the flanking units on the smaller army group will take hits from the next two enemy Units in line. Eg: Army A's L-R Group 123456789 Army B's L-R Group ---123--- Unit 2 from Army B will take Hits, if any, from Unit 5 in Army A. Units 1 and 3 will take Hits from Army A's Unit 4 and 6, respectively. HOWEVER, Army A's Unit 2 and 3 can deliver Hits to B's Unit 1, while A's Unit 7 and 8 can deliver Hits to B's Unit 3. A's Unit 1 and 9 may not deliver Hits. This applies to FIRE rolls. For MELEE orders, roll Hits for the attacker's and defender's SHOCK. Then, each player has to decide which Units to spend their 'hits' on. In this case Militia are good as bayonet fodder. If a MELEE attack such as the Column Attack/Reckless Attack is made, then the defender will perform it's FIRE rolls first, if any.If both players opted for MELEE attacks, apply the modifiers as usual.If an Order involving an increase or decrease is ordered eg Reckless Attack, apply the Morale modifiers before rolling for FIRE/SHOCK. Morale: -Morale depletes as a unit takes Hits, and when reduced to zero, the unit will rout and cannot be given orders anymore. Troop types, number in brackets indicate cost,training time in weeks, followed by number of men: Militia (0.1,1,1000): Irregular troops, given muskets and a week's worth of drilling.Fire: 2Shock: 3Morale: 4Discipline: +2 Line Infantry (0.5,4,1000): The backbone of any armyFire: 4Shock: 4Morale: 6Discipline: +5 Light Infantry (0.5,5,500): Agile, accurate troopsFire: 5Shock: 3Morale: 6Discipline: +4 Grenadiers (0.7,6,1000): Tall, strong line infantry Fire: 4Shock: 5Morale: 7Discipline: +6 Guard Infantry (1.0,7,1000): The creme de la cremeFire: 6Shock: 6Morale: 8Discipline: +8 Light Cavalry(1.0,3,500): Fast moving cavalry forceFire: 0Shock: 5Morale: 3Discipline: +4 Heavy Cavalry(1.5,5,500): Heavier troops on horseback with an unstoppable chargeFire: 0ShocK: 6Morale: 4Discipline: +5 Dragoons(1.0,4,500): Ranged cavalry with carbinesFire: 2Shock: 5Morale: 5Discipline: +4 Light Artillery (1.0,5,250): 6-8 pdr cannonsFire: 2Counter-Battery: 3Discipline: +4 Heavy Artillery (1.2,6,250): 9-12 pdr cannonsFire: 3Counter-Battery: 2Discipline: +4 Supplies and Ammunition: Any unit has Fire capabilities can sustain 2 rounds of Fire orders, after which it has run out of ammunition. In order to resupply, resuppliers need to cross the battlefield from the supply train to the unit, whilst going through the terrain, after which the right ammunition has to find its way to the proper receiver. With all the confusion caused, a d10 will be rolled each round and must match or be lower than the target number depending on the terrain chosen. If the Resupply roll is failed twice in a row, that Army Group cannot perform Fire orders for one round. Plains: 6Forest: 5Hills: 4Urban: 3 Reserve forces and Reinforcements At any Combat round, units from the Left, Right and Centre groups can be replaced by another unit from the Reserves. This advantageous in case a unit is close to routing or suffers from a lack of ammunition. Army Group breaking down: When more than 1/3 of a Group's units have routed, the entire army group will break and withdraw. Flanking + Victory: When an Army Group has Broken Down, the opposing Group can begin conducting Orders towards adjacent Army Groups with the Flanking bonus of +1 to Fire+Shock. Otherwise, the Army Group can march through the gap opened towards the enemy rear. When this occurs the enemy needs to mobilize units from the Reserve group to plug the gap. If the gap is closed, flank attacks can still be done unless the Reserves manage to beat off the Attackers to Break. If the reserve army is beaten, then the battle is won. Time Limit: As each round lasts an hour, each battle is allowed 12 rounds before nightfalls. Battle resumes the next day with troop Morale intact. Naval Battles: Unlike land battles, multiple navies can occupy the same sea region. Naval battle is initiated when one navy attacks the other. Navies are divided into Forward, Centre and Van squadrons. Ships have 3 Stats:-Fire: Efficiency of cannon fire-Shock: Determines effectiveness of board attacks-Maneuvre: Determines ability to maneuvre into better position Orders: -Fire: Ships will maintain fire whilst keeping distance -Fire and Board: Ships will fire at close range before closing in to board -Fire Rolls will Hit on a 3 and 4 -Followed by Shock -Ram: Ships will recklessly sail at full speed towards the enemy -Half the Fire Rolls are made -Shock Rolls will hit on a 3 and 4 -Cross the T: Ships will attempt to out maneuvre the opponent to cross their bows -Maneuvre contest, winner gets TWICE the Fire rolls -Maximise Firepower: Ships will attempt to attack an angle that maximises their own firepower whilst keeping a narrow profile -Maneuvre contest, Loser will only roll HALF the Fire rolls. Maneuvre Contest -Add up the Squadron's total Maneuvre and multiply by a d4. higher score wins and decides fate for the entire Squadron-If one squadron has more Ships than the other, receive an extra +1d4 roll for every ship more than the other squadron.-If one player chooses a Maneuvre order, then the other player's orders are automatically canceled to maneuvre as well. Counting Casualties -Casualties/Damage are done to enemy ships in the same Squadron in the same manner as MELEE fights on land. Hits are rolled, and the player has to decide which ship to take the brunt of the attacks.-For every Fire/Shock value, roll 1d4 per point (where applicable). For every '4' rolled, a Hit is scored. Total up the number of Hits scored.-Each Hit will subtract 20 men. -For every 10% casualties a ship receives, -1 to all stats. -When A Ship's Crew reaches 50%, the crew automatically raises the white flag and surrenders. Surrendered ships are claimed by the victorious Squadron (not the whole navy). Winning -When half of a Squadron surrenders, the other ships will turn tail and sail away. When all Squadrons are out of action the battle is lost. No Reserves to transfer to and fro, having more ships usually helps in naval battles. Ship types (number in brackets indicate UC cost + days to build): 1st Rates (100)-800 men-Fire: 15-Shock: 15-Maneuvre: 4 2nd Rates (90)-750 men-Fire: 13-Shock: 14-Maneuvre: 5 Ships of the Line (70)-600 men-Fire: 10-Shock: 12-Maneuvre: 7 Frigates (40)-400 men-Fire: 7-Shock: 9-Maneuvre: 9 Economy: Each region gives the amount of UC as shown by the Region Value. There will be no maintanence for troops this time round. Nations can give UC to each other. No trade agreements/port blockading here. Recruitment: You can train as many Units in a region as shown by the Region Value. This system would make the smaller nations, even the Ottoman Empire as vulnerable single-nations, as they cant recruit as many troops as the others. Troop size is limited by the total Region Value of a nation, multiplied by 10000. Eg France can have an army at a maximum size of 540,000 men, unless it takes over other regions/loses regions.Once again the smaller nations have no chance on their own to be honest. Sweden can barely have 60,000 men at best. (That's historical btw) Movement: Each region requires one week to travel from one to the other. Supply: as usual, every army needs to be connected to a friendly region. Any army with no supplies will last for 4 weeks before dying off/surrendering. Transport across seas: Land troops can move to sea for free, but of course it needs to have an escort, otherwise it would be free food for other navies, speaking of which... Fog of War: For land troops, you can see the movement and rough size of armies ONE region away from your regions. Allied line of sight is not granted to players. For sea navies, players can see the movement and rough size of all navies in a sea region. Each in game week will be one day long, BUT if battles need to be fought then the battles would be fought before the game is resumed. Really hope this thing gets off.