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Everything posted by NeonWind

  1. I Love Aion and i believe is a very social MMORPG with a awesome PVP system that is both complex and rewarding here are my pros and cons of why i think this game should be supported by the mighty angry army. PROS: Social oriented game: with the ability to create party of up to 6 players, alliances of up to 24 players, or leagues of up to 96 players.Guilds are very rewarding and friendly.Very competitive and PvP oriented game: this game is built mostly around pvp and when grouped with friends this is very fun and rewarding.Its a Free to play MMORPG where the developers of the game make profit for selling you character skins ans pve timer instance reset scrolls.The graphics are very pretty making one fall in love with it.PvP daily Fort defenses and conquests makes this game more social and fun in a challenging way.In depth character customization.CONS: The game is infected with gold spammers and bots and even though there is a block (ignore) button there are new bots (1 to 5) coming out daily.The PVP System can be very challenging to get the hang of and punishing if inexperience players venture aloneThe lack of active players on different factions makes the games unbalanced during large pvp raids (even tough the developers try to balance the amount of people that play in the smallest faction by using in game incentives)Upgrading and socketing higher lvl equipment can be very frustrating and time consuming.
  2. Half Life 3 Confirmed..... sorry couldnt resist ._.
  3. hahah this is nothing lets just w8 for black Friday i have my popcorn ready!
  4. i love my vita. in fact im playing it right now! it is sad its not a very popular console because it its such high tech and looks pretty.
  5. nice i cant w8 to c it i love persona.
  6. Definitely this one is the best and i love it very epic. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dQw4w9WgXcQ
  7. Skyrim, Grand theft auto V and batman arkham city i find them to be boring games and extremely overrated...
  8. Graphs are Love, Graphs are LIFE!
  9. Could not find Resistance or Fear the only FPS i enjoyed hahaha.
  10. Aion is cool, DCUO is nice as well, i have played and enjoyed both.
  11. this is awesome song btw http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZZ5LpwO-An4 Oh and nobody is a good troll unleash you seen this one!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oHg5SJYRHA0
  12. I Once dreamed i was a talking flying dog in the pokemon world... its was freaky.
  13. Pros: Non-Stop action.True anarchy.Fun characters.fun and easy to master fighting system.LOTS of Explosions!Cons: Generic enemies (considering most of the fun of this game comes from multiplayer this can or can not be an issue)With only 19 usable characters and with not enough maps and game modes the game can become monotonous after a while.online lvl tops at 50.this game never received much support and the servers are usually empty.Have this game on ps3
  14. I Do Love this game and used to play it on my PS3 all the time! it would be really cool to get a AJSA party going!
  15. Cons so much bigger than pros.. all eve is is and endless gold grind to build ships and destroy them. There is no sense of achievement in this game since if you build a nice ship you will be too scared to go destroy it.
  16. Oh and im not sure when did you played this game it has changed a lot! and it deserves attention. reason why i posted this on the AJSA.
  17. - Yes there is a chat block for normal chat and all chat up to lvl 20, the reasoning behind this is to keep spammers from overflowing this chat channels, there is not restrictions to talk on party or guild chat on any lvls. - the community is so small that you wont find people to play with until you reach lvls 20+ (which is very fast and easy using the fast track server) -i have played this game for 1 year and it is very sociable most people are helpful and nice (sorry you had a bad luck first impression) -the fight system is very deep once you reach pvp status (with is what this game is mostly about) were timing, and practice are only ways to win.
  18. Dude your signature is too cool hahaha
  19. the angry army is too stronk! Be Welcome and may your firepower push our front lines to victory without "friendly" casualties.
  20. 1v1 me on league brah!!! JK JK JK!! xD
  21. Let the asses get kicked!
  22. my lol name is Nacada, i play much aram, such wow!
  23. Dude totally add me
  24. Hey Hey Hey!
  25. I Will Figth For a PS4 on Black Friday Too!!! Wish Me Luck!