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Everything posted by Alabast

  1. So, I've been working on my twitch channel, streaming a bit, in-houses, tourney, etc, and gotten feedback regarding my content. The goal of my twitch channel is to have the highlighted material to be informational & educational, a source of help & maybe even some new tricks for the AJSA DotA2 community. I'm still working on making the content broader, possible theme shows, themes for actual live streams etc, set times for streams so it would be easier for people that wish to watch it for whatever reason to check in. Now, the goal of this thread is to get all of you a say in this! It will possibly be re-made as a permanent hot topic later on, depending on success & some other factors, but to begin with this is where you dump suggestions, feedback, content wishes, or just generally poke my interest. Random streams will occur almost daily, these being mostly general gameplay of my own, mostly afternoon & evenings, but any actual important content will be highlighted, so that people don't have to watch it live. If things get rolling I'll see if I can't get a set time for a couple of days a week where I live stream casted guide content, and naturally the theme is largely up to YOUR wishes and suggestions. The development of content is to a great extent in your hands! Thank you all for interest shown so far, keep doing what you're doing because quite clearly, as a community we keep getting ahead! And so to end it all, the reason for this all: www.twitch.tv/shavingryan -Alabast
  2. Allright, we're getting started. I think what you're after is a decent idea, but to open-source (the material comes unfiltered from the masses) would defeat the purpose of the educational & informational side of this service for the community, since quality and relevance of the material could not be properly supervised. I do however like the idea in general so tell you what, how does this sound. I would schedule a set time on let's say for example wednesday, (aka 19:00 GMT every wednesday) when I would live cast a commentory on 2-3 replays that people have sent me, ones that I've chosen after checking the viewer value of the content. That way the whole community could get a chance to showcase something interesting they've experienced etc, and we could probably still keep the intended value of the content at a decent level. We can try this out, and I'll schedule the day for this week to Friday at 19:00 GMT (check up on this post, I may update time & date) to get a test run. What I ask for content-wise then is that people send me their content suggestions, of which I at my own discretion will choose the material to stream. The message should contain the following: 1. Player name 2. Match ID 3. Hero played & Lane 4. What the interesting thing about this game was (aka you did well, your team did a huge comeback you don't understand, their team maybe did something sick etc). Please note that we're not looking for just general "hey look mah pubstomp sick gaem i raepz all of dem", there should be a valid point of interest in the game. Send the info as a message through the forums or to my community management e-mail > alabast.AJSA@outlook.com Keep in mind match IDs expire, so it would be good if the matches suggested would have occured the same week the next episode of the show is aired. Thank you for the input, let's keep it going, and I'll keep you updated on this suggestions progress and the general evolution of this service which, do keep in mind, was created to provide help & entertainment for the whole community.
  3. Now that the second tournament has come to it's end, would be a great time for players and teams alike to make use of this thread if they're thinking of shifting roster, or simply filling it out. Time to start training for the next one!
  4. This was a great event indeed, I really feel it exceeded most expectations! I'd like to thank all teams and the whole crew for cooperation on the time-schedule, the casting technicalities and their will to adapt, and my team for letting me share this tournament with them and putting up with my neverending "insights". You have all been great company, fun is indeed a great choice of a "slogan" word for the general spirit during the tournament. I hope the community took part in it, enjoyed it, and will join us in even greater numbers next go round! As a minor P.S. I'd like to add that feedback on the casting in general, quality of the sound, quality of the topics covered (aka did we stay on topic, was it helpful, did we maybe point out stuff you did not know and found useful etc) is something I'd be glad to get, especially about my own casting! Great stuff, all! -Alabast
  5. Yes, just as Charlie said, any team captain can go ahead and add me in advance too, going to try and cast as many games as possible! (SteamID: eskimmo852)
  6. Hello to you all too on behalf of IFBWT, looking forward to the tournament, painting a target on Wei! Me + insert co-caster (to be decided per match, will probably no be the same person each time) are going to try and cast as many of the tournament matches as possible through the in-game lobbies. See you all tomorrow, bring your friends, the AJSA community, mom, dad, cat and a hearty amount of excitement!
  7. HappyT, on 16 Dec 2013 - 12:29 AM, said: Yes I know the thing is still there for normal matchmaking not for ranked tho They have removed it from ranked matchmaking, since ranked matchmaking automatically tries to pair up both teams with similiar "set-ups", aka if one team has two 2man stacks, the other team is likely to have two 2man stacks, and if one team has a 4man stack, it is near impossible for the other team to be made of only lone players etc. It simply tries to make both teams to be made up the same way. On a sidenote I really hope the matchmaking and rating systems in ranked do work out just as Valve have described them, so many of us have waited for this for so long
  8. 1.5k hours spent in Dota2, with minor experiences from Dota1 etc. Would love to see how I'd fit in your team, can play most roles though position 1 might be the most solid performance. I can probably learn to adjust my playing style to any position (1-5) you would need me to play, but would generally love play, just as you stated, in a team to advance my skills in a bit more organized way. TS, english etc requirements are obviously met. Keep in touch! -Alabast