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  1. If there are any Neverwinter PC players out there I started a Neverwinter Guild. Here is the link to sign up. Remember to put your character name and handle. http://angryjoeshow.com/ajsa/topic/28511-made-a-neverwinter-pc-community-clan/#entry299097
  2. GOI Community Rumble

    GOI Community Rumble. Come and Fly With us!!!
  3. That is correct. We don't want people to be forced to buy optional content just because we want them to.
  4. Well the problem with that is the PC version of Neverwinter is a lot farther ahead content wise then the Xbox version.
  5. Some Friends and I have gotten into Neverwinter for PC. We started a Angry Army Guild in it to play with people. If any of you are interested then you can find me on TeamSpeak. I am usually in the Guns of Icarus Section. Just wanted to put the invite out there. -Artose
  6. Chase that squidly rear: Squid Race! The AJSA is looking for the best squid pilots this side of the dunes, and the crews willing to fix those paper thin ships. Your goal, to race around the Flayed Hills and beat your opponent to the finish line, all while dodging mines, flax, and the general hatred of engineers fixing moonshine squids. There are some guidelines one must follow in order to participate in this race. All captains and crew need to be willing to listen first and foremost, this game doesn’t work unless everyone is willing to cooperate =D. The race will take place in a 4v4 game, but there will only be a 1v1 race going on. We will be using a bracket system, so if you win, you’ll move up in the bracket. If you lose, you’ll get a second chance in the loser bracket to catch back up! When: May 9th, 1500 EST How to sign up: Post you and your team below. On game day, just be online and wait for the announcement in global chat! We’ll be giving out the lobby password through PM, so be sure you tell us your in game name down below! Map: King of the Flayed Hills All players will fly to point D, no shots will be taken until the call is given. The two ships assigned to the race will take their positions north of the main group, and begin when the Mod tells them to. Ships will fly in the point order given, starting at D-B-A-C-E and then back to D to finish the lap. Race will consist of two laps, first to cross D the second time is the winner of the race, and will move on to the next bracket. General rules: Must fly a squid. Tis a squid race mates Front gun: Mercury Filed Gun Side gun: Barking Dog Light Carronade Rear gun: Mine Launcher Pilot tools: Any and all are welcome, up to you. Ammo/tools: Any and all are welcome. Your team must consist of at least 2 people, including yourself. Though we recommend you have a full crew of 4, we won’t stop you if you’d like to bring a friend with some AIs. Must stay the course. Any deviations, or skipping of points, will be grounds for disqualification. No pursuing the kill. This is a race, if you follow the ship to the ground for a kill, we will notice, and you will lose. Questions, comments, concerns. Talk to Artose or Church Shepard for more info!
  7. Sorry Wanted to play but school is going to get in the way
  8. GOI Community Rumble

    Come fly with the AJSA!!!
  9. GOI Community Rumble

    Come fly with us!!
  10. GOI Community Rumble

    Come fly With us!!!
  11. GOI Community Rumble

    Come fly with the AJSA!!!
  12. Guns of Icarus Community Rumble

    Come and Fly with us!!!
  13. GOI Community Event

    Come fly with the AJSA!!!
  14. GOI Community Rumble

    Come Fly with the AJSA!!!
  15. GOI Community Rumble

    Come Fly with the AJSA!!!