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Everything posted by IndianDominator

  1. Hello, I just got ps4 and I need some ajsa comrades to play bf4 with. PSN: Indian_Dominator, I play all game types but mainly rush and conquest. Add me and I will accept, clan tag AJSA if possible
  2. I play bf4 on ps4, and I want to know if there is a way to customize your character's loadout without joining a game, or on the mobile app. Like in bf3 there was a customize option in my soilder menu, but this time around I dont see it anywhere. Please help me find it if it even exists. Thank You
  3. Just wondering the general opinion for the community on what were the 3 best angry reviews in terms of entertainment value. Yes they are all great but some are just classic. Mine are: 1. Sonic Free Riders 2. GTA 5 3. Harry Potter
  4. 1. if the trophies/achievements are like halo mulitplayer then no, because they only cause frustrations, and take away from the game. 2. if the trophies are like the ones in battlefield where some are for creative kills, then its not a big deal because the trophies rely on your sole action rather than some random occurrences in the games.
  5. Sounds pretty good, a patch should come out by the end of the month hopefully
  6. Add me if you guys want to play bf4, psn Indian_Dominator
  7. It would be great to create or join a clan by AJSA members in games, currently playing BF4. Just got my ps4 so if there is a clan please friend me on psn @ Indian_Dominator. I play mainly engineer, and support, and can definatly hold my own.
  8. BF4 is broken at the moment, but I do play all game modes, psn Indian_Dominator.
  9. BF4, Assassins 4, and Fifa 14. Resogun is a beast as well