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  1. IndianDominator liked a post in a topic by BrennenDieHerzen in BF4 CHARACTER CUSTOMIZATION, NEED HELP   
    Use the test range to set up your loadouts, it transfers to actual matches
    I would suggest making each gun in a loadout sort of specialized per situation, that way you have "sub-classes" inside of your loadouts. I.E. use the Famas as a fast firing close quarters weapon when playing assault, but notice you have to switch playstyles to mid-range, so you pick up the Sar21. You can add attachments to best suit the guns abilities.
  2. Conor liked a post in a topic by IndianDominator in Games you got for your PS4   
    BF4, Assassins 4, and Fifa 14. Resogun is a beast as well
  3. IndianDominator liked a post in a topic by Explosiveb0b in [AJSA] on Battlefield 4   
    Hello there!
    Like many of you I'm waiting for EA to get it together and fix BF4. In the meantime though, all we can do is add each other and dream of squad based gameplay over 64 player maps without seeing an error pop up.
    We can also start an Official ASJA community clan for battlefield 4 on the PS4.
    So how do you join? Well, you just did by reading this. Congratulations!
    The only thing left for you to do is go over to Battlelog.com and edit your soldier's Tag to read: [AJSA]
    [AJSA] will help flare down other members in game.
    I have also created a PSN tag called: AngryField4 which you can send a friend request to and I'll add ya. This way you can see other forum members off of this PSN's friends list and add anyone you want to play with. (If I'm lagging on accepting you just msg me over this site.)
    This may seem like a glorified friend list and for the most part that is true, but it will definitely help set up a friendly and fun Battlefield environment.
    Now if you would like to intro yourself in the comments so that other angry members can judge your battlefield prowess then go for it. It will help you meet other members...obviously.
    Also If you want to plan any squad meet ups this thread would be a great place to do so.