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    TT Metal Man 88

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    Some where thats bloody cold
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    I enjoy a good bit of gaming just as much as any angry army member. I like a good challenging game and online competitive play

    I also like doing a bit of Photoshop drawing
  1. Halo will always be in my book for a good shooter.
  2. I think alot of people are missing the point here. What I was told of the rules is that there is a ceasefire until after christmas and until we have ourselfves properly established. And yes new players were not to be touched at the current time till the server gets more populated. Now until then there was an honour system in place to not kill one another until it is agreed that each side is ready for a bit of a fight and after having played sevral hours of rust I can tell u now that can take quite a bit of time to acquire that status even if your in a team of 5 or more. But yes the main thing that is really annoying peeps is whats the point in placing this system if people are gonna jump the gun and thus "Break" the system. With this in mind this causes a certain amount of distrust between people and can thus ruin the experience with people. And yes blah blah thats what rusts about but still we're a communitty here guys and am sure if we make a gentlemans agreement then it is even more reason to hold to it. But if this sort of behaviour is the sort of thing that is tolerated then I don't see anymore reason to agree to any more agreements with other members in games and out of them if they are so easily broken.
  3. Merry Chrimbo all
  4. an excellent game with good fun even for only the alpha stage looking forward to when its completed
  5. lol I get the same pleasure out of calv getting killed then T-Bagged http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0No8Svs7veg 12 seconds in XD
  6. Lol yeah I know its probably not true, But I just had to share this ridiculously funny article
  7. Lol check this out http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-2518740/The-stomach-churning-Christmas-dinner-GAMERS-Tin-containing-course-meal-means-time-wasted-kitchen.html#comments For all you 24/7 non stop gaming through the night gamers on Christmas this was Invented for you lol
  8. Played it recently with some of the ajsa guys from the battlefield servers and TS. A really great game that deserves more attention and will be playing this more often with them were we hope to do some recordings of the game matches we play. Keep an eye out for us in chat in the game channels and Battlefield TS
  9. 0_0 *Steps back from the chopper*
  10. I picked this up back on the steam summer sale and it goes on sale quite alot for like a fiver. Great game worth every penny but would be even better with a group to play with
  11. May be I should rename it from fun to for the win
  12. Right guys I got to get to know and ask what do you guys actually play for? Its all good and great getting a good K/D and all. But at the same time you need to have a good time. To me I love finding new ways in the game to kill people other than just picking up the most top tier weapon I can and run around shooting them. Making buildings fall on people, C4 loaded quads flying into tanks and blowing them up, jumping from a roof and back stabbing them assassin creed style. all in a good laugh I like to be sneaky and unpredictable while at the same time trying to win. But If I really cared for my stats I would hit reset and go on a shear spree of using easy to kill with weapons or hogging vehicles. So what do you as Important to you?
  13. lol thats the part where it was just you then we all turned to see you and was we like "GET HIM!" and then all of us chase you and your like "NNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!"
  14. If you really want the new maps in a server its best to either. 1. wait till the early access is to full access to the maps 2. put them on a separate server
  15. From the album Metals Scrapbook artwork

    Wolverine XD done on me tablet