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Everything posted by TitanT2

  1. Hello Angry Army, Hi my name is Arne and i am doing a little research project for my school. And i would really appreciate if you guys would fill in this survey because it will help me a lot. The survey is very easy to fill in it will take about 2 minutes. I would be really gratefull for the help. https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/DTCLCND
  2. I like music, i like jazz, blues, funk but mostly metal and especially death metal. Lyrics are not as important to me in my music then the music itself, i appreciate technique and the emotion that you can convey with sound alone. Lyrics can do that as well, only in a more direct way. I hate happy music, happy music lacks passion and depth, which are important in my music. I play guitar, i sing, i have written some stuff down, lyrics and riffs but haven't made anything solid yet. In time i will. But now i mostly play covers of Behemoth, Decapitated, Vader and all other kinds of heavy and fast goodness.
  3. I think i will do it differently next time (over the timespan of a month and stuff) but i unfortunatly have short timespan for this project and adapting it would be too much work at this point, but in SPSS i might put in ranges when i will analyse the data. Know that i will read all the feedback you guys give me and take it along for a next project, because feedback is really helpfull to me for the next survey i might do. So thanks, you are right and i will do this the next time Yes, those are casual games. Also puzzle games, tower defense games are casual games as well. Took a look and gave up quickly, sorry, but these questions are way to far fetched for me to answer precisely. You might want to get into Raptr, they like counting playtime for the different specific genres in detail, both yearly and monthly values can be found somewhere. Fair enough, i have gotten complaints about the structure of the survey so next time i will make it better, thanks for trying i guess and i will check out Raptr.
  4. My thought Gasp... Another generic shooter...
  5. A couple of improvements that would make this series better: Smoother controls (faster and more fluid combat) Smoother guns (a better feel to them would be nice) less grey rock, dead tree, charred skelleton, more interesting environments Clever AI, clever companions more survival based more roleplay elements continue playing after main story more tech (more vertibirds and stuff) verhicles commanding troops of your faction (combat OPS) damage to environments online/lan co-op more bosses more unique gear NPC's react to reputation (thugs (like freeside thugs) won't attack you and they run away)
  6. Arabs/Chinese or Russians those are the enemies that are always used in nearly every shooter. And you always fight as an American soldier or an British soldier, never a French, Female, Dutch, German, Iranian, Hungarian, Kenian or Liechtensteinic soldier.
  7. That was quite difficult to read, work on your English mate and use capital letters. I am 24 and when i play games i simply do things. Brain off and play. Unless i play an RPG then i oftenly look at what the consequences are of the choices that i make. Which influence the environment i play in.
  8. Quotish (read the last 3 sentences as a standalone part and you'll have a good laugh) Glory hole! It will hurt, but it's worth it!
  9. Never retreat, never surrender, our victorious reign
  10. I would suggest Freelancer like many others. I would not recommend X... It sucks...
  11. Well survival horror = zombie game. And i am tired of zombiegames. It is always zombies zombies zombies in one shape or another. Also the survival part always illudes me. It seems like you have horror games (zombiegames) and survivalgames nowadays. And i would like to see them do something else witht this.
  12. How about? "Yeah... We gave up..."
  13. Nope not excessive at all... The guys that get turned on by a show meant for little girls should be deeply ashamed of themselves. Enough about MPL let's bring in the heavy work
  14. (Yeah that is a captive bolt pistol)
  15. I have never cried because of a game. I have because of a movie or show, but never because of a game. Reverend Smith from Deadwood with his braintumor http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=63CXrk_hon8 The intro to Pixar's Up http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F2bk_9T482g