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  1. Woooh, that is interesting.
  2. Well unfortunately I don't have the power to adopt you as my bro. That's what parents are for. Thanks! Yea wth? Most arn't even that fancy. I mean the wiiu controller at least has reason to be a little pricey, but the others? hell na!
  3. WHAT!?!?!?!? Stand up? Man there really is a first for everything. I take it that means you don't play pc games that much ha?
  4. Just got my bro these for x-mas, think he can guess it? I told him the total is around $70 with tax (Game price is 66 with tax) and I told him it is game related. -11/27 pictures removed for obvious reasons.
  5. In this forum we have established that already, what people are interested in now is the vault logo. Which suggest something in the fallout universe is going to be announced. We are just wondering what now.
  6. We might not be shareholders but we are still stakeholders and we deserve better. Yes stakeholders is a thing (includes everyone who is invested in the product in some way, including customers)
  7. Hmmm that presents a good point. I didn't really take to much in for the logo. So it is most likely at the very least something to do with the fallout world. Looking at what Kernyx said about the engine, he has a point. It is outdated. Engines themselves can take several years to create, around 3-5 years. So I say the game is too far off to be announced. But, that only makes me worry that they are just going to use the same engine again for a new game which would be worry some.
  8. trademarked does not mean official. They have also trademarked several other games. The could simply be protecting their assets. Please keep this in mind, it could be an entirely different announcement. Honestly I am hoping for some new titles.
  9. I find it varys a lot per-person. Personally I have not had a crash yet. YET! on my brothers PC it has crashed a few times. Not like you can hold out for it to go on sale anytime soon because EA. So I don't think it matters when you get it, as long as you go back when they do fix it.
  10. Psst posting on these forums asking if anyone else is Otaku. Well, welcome to the crowd!
  11. What am I? I am a human, that loves food. As a human I also like human entertainment such as games. My major occupation is school. Already I have a two year degree from my local community college and working on getting a four year in CSSE, computer science and software engineering, at University of Washington. I have been playing computer games since I was 10 years old, I had my own personal computer then. Most of my time on the pc involved playing COD 1, yes the very first one and even setting up servers. Eventually I got my first console, a ps1, and had to visit cousins to play on the good old n64. Eventually I got an xbox and then a 360, Latter followed by a ps3. Recently I bought a WiiU for one game, monsterhunter, and it was worth. I am expanding my skills into creating music, webpages, and art (hopefully animation).
  12. The hate is more or less justified towards the xbox one. They did a lot of terrible things, mainly a failure at marketing and adapting to consumer wants. They went to far in believing that the consumer doesn't know what they want, while this is true it is only so to a point. They didn't listen in time and now they are paying for it. As for the ps3 and 360 running in 720p/1080p, neither of them did, what you saw in terms of resolution is a result of up scaling. They most likely ran 480p (standard resolution, not HD) native As for the ps4/xboxOne running on 720p/1080p that is native resolutions (no up scaling). That is to even say if your tv can even handle those resolutions, most run at 720p. So no resolution is not a big deal. Often times devs will choose to run in 720p in exchange for better performance, fps or more items on screen, which is what actually matters. I hope this clears a few things up.