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  1. Hello guys. I'm new to the community and I am here to suggest a game that not enough people know about. Natural Selection 2. FPS/RTS hybrid. Complex heavily team oriented game with a supportive and mature community. If you're new people will be happy to help you out, let you be the commander for the first time and will be patient with you being a bit clueless. This game initially started as an amazing free Half Life 1 mod, and the game kept running and being updated through donations and eventually the creators built their own engine and Natural Selection 2 came to life. The RTS aspects are heavily inspired by Star Craft. You choose a team, Aliens or Space Marines. The game doesn't start until each team has chosen a Commander. You talk through voice and decide of a plan and agree upon who is going to be commanding the goons on the field. The marine commander will jump into a Command Chair, and the Alien Commander into a Hive. Which will give him a "sky view" like traditional RTS. From this point the game will start. The objective is that of most RTS, exterminate your opponent from the map by destroying his bases. Both sides play differently but have the same basics. Most important thing is controling resource nodes across the map in order to unlock upgrades. Passive armor/weapon damage upgrade, shotguns, flamethrowers(yes flamethrowers), grenade launchers, Jetpacks(yes jetpacks), mechsuits dual wielding railguns or miniguns(oh ya!) and more. For aliens you get things like, scent of fear(let's you spot marines nearby), celerity, carapace, new abilities, new lifeforms. As an Alien you start off as a Skulk aka zergling, really, you look just like a zergling.You can walk on ceilings, walls, through vents, leap(when the commander upgrades it). Now just like zergling, numbers is the key to being a skulk and being sneaky. You don't want to run in a straight line towards a marine is a bad idea. You have to stalk and walk to reduce the noise of you creepy little feet. Bite down powersupply in rooms so it's plunged in darkness(you have Alien vision, let's you see in dark) and then you hide on the ceiling above a room entrance with 2 of your skulk buddies ready to ambush whoever has big enough balls to walk in. Aliens have different lifeforms with specific abilities that you can evolve into. Skulks(zergling), gorges(engineer/healer), Lerks(bat like creature with offensive supportive abilities), Fades, humanoid looking assassins with giant claws for hands and the almighty Onos a giant Gorilla/Rhino monster that just wrecks everything. As a marine, the ground will start shaking a bit when an Onos runs so you can feel it coming a bit like Jurassic Park and the watercup vibration thing. If you pay attention you'll know it's coming and if you're alone, you better turn around, yell "OH NOES!" and get the fuck out!!! Now when you evolve into an Onos or get yourself a mechsuit, it costs resources that each player collects through the game. Depending on how many resource nodes you are controlling, your resource intake will be higher or lower. So this is very important, because you can't just go Onos bum rush something die and go Onos again. Most of the times you'll only collect enough resources to go Onos once throughout the game, so as powerful as he is, you have to be careful because having an Onos and not having one can be the difference between being able to fight a Marine push or not. As a marine when you kill a higher lifeform, it highly rewarding regardless if you got the kill or not. You yourself know how many bullets you put onto that thing and it's all the matters. As a marine, K/D is irrelevant. You can be 100/0 and still be useless. A bit like in PlanetSide 2, if you sit in the middle of nowhere killing people who are lost, you're doing it wrong. You want to push with your team and set up defensive positions in strategical choke hold locations to try and cut aliens off from getting access to other resources nodes or an extra hive that would allow them to aquire new abilities. Set up turrets and siege weapons. Harass enemies resource intake by destroy the resource towers that each team needs to build over a resource node in order to collect the resources. Resources are like gas(vespene gas). This video is too short, there's too much to cover so it's packed with so much stuff. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DP9tP1Xbdq0#t=26 This one is a beginners video to kind of give you an idea of what I was talking about. So hopefully you guys will find this interesting. This game is a gem and it's really well made. Edit: Total Biscuit has videos, from both aliens and marines sides, about the game but the game changed since then. Things were added and improve.
  2. Oh hey there! I'm new to the community. I have been watching the show for a while and moved onto the streams, and then found myself watching a lot of Delrith game plays. The Guildwars 2 review is what made me start watching the show regularly and what made me buy the game. I recently bought Divinity and was looking for a co-op partner. Just let me know if you're up for it.