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Das commander

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    Das commander
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    Das commander
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    Well games ofc
    such as League lots of League
    Mass effect Elder scrolls
    and Pokemon lets not forget about the pokemans:P
  1. My favorites are Gragas and ezreal and some cho gath/morde every now and then
  2. well sure you are... Welcome to the army anyhow
  3. If he gets feed he is really hard to shut down his passive is so strong
  4. Welcome to the army
  5. Like in all online games there are idiots and like in all other games I just ignore them
  6. Started playing early season 2 one of my friends was bugging me for a while to play it. Im really happy he did:P
  7. Like many comments said if its lost its lost lets not waste more time.
  8. Welcome to the army
  9. Welcome to the army
  10. enjoy your stay
  11. Welcome to the army
  12. Welcome fellow MOBA player
  13. More league player yay:P welcome
  14. Welcome to the army
  15. shit JRPGs in so dumb XD well i guess pokemon then