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  • Birthday 10/04/1997

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    Video games duh.
  1. Well if you need any help against zerg im bronze (was silver toss) unless of course you are above gold that would just be a rofl stomp.
  2. My mom would have beat the shit out of me if I was that much of a bitch.
  3. Im going to pick this up this coming Xmas have been wanting it for a while (cant pay for WoW) so Im glad to see that its not dead. Is there a large learning curve?
  4. Lets get SC2 on. I would love community tournaments that go by league and would look to that one day that I won first place. I support this all the way. ZERG MASTER RACE!
  5. Hello my name is JUSTINtime (I can hear you thinking your stupid ass puns don't worry I have heard them all) my timing is superb except with the ladies, but im a gamer I have loot to farm noobs to destroy and great demons to slay. I must inform you that I greatly enjoy metal music, some of my most beloved bands are Amon Amarth, Fleshgod Apocalypse, Dio, Hammerfall etc. My flavor of the month as far as games go have to be Starcraft 2: Heart of the Swarm (which I hope will be supported here for tournaments here at AJSA gaming altough im a nub), Warthunder, Diablo 3/2, and anything that gives a good laugh with friends. Well that wraps it up for me, im really excited for this new community page and cant wait to get started!