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  • Birthday 01/18/1988

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    New Jersey
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    Alan Wake is my favorite game ever. Then anything Naughty Dog has touched. Then it's a grab bag for the rest.
  1. I'm surprised to not see any discussion here about Destiny for PS3. I know many people have decided to play Destiny on PS3/360 since it was announced that the digital versions upgrade to the next gen copy for free. If anyone else here is playing Destiny on PS3 then let me know or add me. PSN - wi1shire252
  2. I'd like to start a little discussion about how this community should behave regarding cursing, vulgarity, and offensive language used on forums and in TS. The rules of conduct clearly forbid personal attacks against opposing teams or individuals and towards AJSA members as well. My question is should we be free to use vulgar and offensive words openly on forums and teamspeak. I mean the kind of language many of us use all the time, but that would push away younger people and new gamers. I'm definitely all for the cursing. No censorship. What do you think? -- wi1shire
  3. Welcome! Do you play Planetside 2 at all. I think the AJSA's first real events will be PS2 focused. There is one coming this Friday. Check the calendar and the forums for info.
  4. I've never been part of a group like this. Maybe a group like this has never existed. Either way I'm excited to see how well we can expand this unity into all types of games, consoles, and communities. I play mostly single player titles driven by story and creative design, but I can't wait for some epic full scale Planetside AJSA ass-whooping. I'm also excited to see more servers pop up. Spaces for AJSA members to congregate. Minecraft springs to mind right away. I can already envision the first goal of a minecraft server being to make a huge rendition of the AJSA logo. Then of course to construct a volcano mountain lair for Joe to brood and scheme his world domination. Badass! It might even be interesting to expand into live events in the bigger urban areas. All of my best gaming moments are from years ago in high school when my friends would gather in basements, auditoriums, classrooms, and even a church once; for LAN parties and local multiplayer. Maybe the AJSA can bring that experience back in a way. Either way I have high hopes for this as do us all. Happy to be here -- wi1shire
  5. Hi all you folks in distant timezones! I'm in NJ USA so i doubt much of my country is awake at this hour. I was surprised to see how global this community was. I think Joe must have that special something that makes him appealing to all types. I look forward to meeting many of you. I might even want to meet some AJSA members in person since I live near NY. That would be very cool. I'll wait 12 hours then post a "hello" to my American brethren. Don't wake them now. They are grumpy. Happy to be here -- wi1shire