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  1. Just wondering why forced push to talk has been activated on the server? This is very annoying when you are playing certain games as you dont have time nor the free hand to push another button just to speak. I realise that certain people end up with a lot of background noise but this should be dealt with directly rather than locking out a good feature! Hopefully this can be corrected ASAP as it has rendered the TS sever useless to me and no doubt others, back to Steam chat for the moment it seems!
  2. DDOS is heavy smashing the servers these days!
  3. Exactly!
  4. While your point makes sense it is mute, I have said before multiple times and for clarity let me say it again, when the server went up there was a mention of PVE and AT NO POINT was PVP mentioned, this gave a false pretence that we would be acting as a community for the community. My issue IS NOT that raiding and PVP goes on again as I have said before the game would be lessened without this. The dickishness comes from sniping someone in the back while PVE is mentioned and at no point was PVP... THAT is dickishness. I would point out to you based on the last part of your comment that I have simply responded to people on this thread nothing more and frankly my comments have not specifically targeted at anyone and are certainly not personal squabbles, I have once responded to someone who Quoted me directly. I am raising perfectly valid "general merits (pros/cons/improvements)" although in this instance it refers to our own server. Do you disagree that others (like Grimmo) who may be looking to purchase the game to play on the AJSA server and the Rust servers as a whole should know what goes on?
  5. Your steam puts you at less than 40 hours in game... You are no more or less experienced than I am nor my friend that you killed. Dont play the I know everything about the game you're just a n00b card. Again I point out that there was a mention of PVE in the text chat and at not point did you or anyone say you would execute on sight. Most of what you wrote is true but is clearly written from a person who plans to abuse other players for personal gain. My friend and I waited and looked for the AJSA server every day because we were looking forward to playing as a community so when 30mins into the game we are slaughtered and robbed by someone in that very community. I am simply very disappointed that our server is just as dickish as the majority.
  6. I totally agree it is part of the game and the game would be lesser without it and I have no doubt that there is a couple of groups scattered around, my annoyance came from there being no mention of AJSA members murdering each other on sight in fact the opposite was suggested there was a mention of PVE in the chat which no one challenged based on that I didnt fear our own members which resulted in me being shot in the back as I was gathering resources, not because the person needed the resource I was gathering but simply because they wanted to rob me and subsequently my friend moments later both of us would have appeared as new spawns with little or nothing of value. It is very possible that the same person/people who ruined our experience also ruined yours, that is my complaint. Raiding is part of the game as is PVP but slaughtering someone without making it clear that PVP is happening isnt fair especially when we are meant to be a "community". Rust is an amazing game that is why I have 34hrs on record almost all of which was spent with my friend and people we had met, I was really looking forward to another 34hrs spent with the AJSA guys on our own server but like you I will now be sticking to other servers.
  7. Yeah exactly I was really looking forward to the AJSA server being up thinking that there would be at least some working together especially between AJSA members! But less than an hour in and without any warning I was executed and robbed by one of our own. Its a survival game not a fuck everyone over game, in the first few days of the game people did work together and helped each other even as complete strangers and that made the game brilliant. These days its more like DayZ, players are shot on sight no questions asked even if they are clearly a new spawn and there is no reason nor value to killing them. The game is fantastic but when you spend time getting established, struggling to manage your needs in those first few days and getting a small house setup just for someone to snipe you and ruin all your work it puts me right off the game. Very disappointed. P.S. Merry Christmas all!
  8. Well the server is up but its no different to any other server (people slaughtering each other without provocation on sight) so the wait was pointless. I was looking forward to working together with people, shame.
  9. Yeah, it was Delrith that told us on TS3 a few days ago, my understanding was a server had been OK'd by Joe, purchased and would be up within 5hrs or whenever he got access.
  10. Last I heard (3 days ago I think) it would be up in 5hrs
  11. Lmfao I hadnt seen pissfour before, thats pretty funny No offence taken fella no worries!
  12. Of course you are correct, this completely isolated case of a DRM check in has nothing at all to do with the DRM check in that MS were planning. I stand corrected, I read in a different article that they had refused to comment. You're getting hung up on me calling it what it is, the 3rd xb aka xb3 chill out dude. Anyway, MS XB and XBfanboys will do what they do defending everything and other gamers will do what they do attacking everything but for me its a case of good luck to the XB folk I hope they arent screwed over by MS and this...
  13. I'm perfectly calm poppet, I dont and wont own an xb3 (or a ps4 tbh, I think I will stick with PC atm) I simply find it funny how despite all that has happened people still blindly eat up and defend MS bullshit. How does MS know its a "foreign" console? Does the xb3 need cd keys? or is it the case that it randomly says "hey dude, is this game yours?" Nyas post to me points out that DRM is in place on the console... "they were playing the game with the extended roster without an internet connection" I played 360 since it came out, with DLC, online and offline, not once was I dumped back to home screen and asked if I owned the game. I also find it quite revealing that MS has REFUSED to comment, why? why not come out and say "ahh sorry X went wrong. We are fixing it now." they didnt and the silence to me says a lot.
  14. Define a foreign console? We talked about this on another thread and here we are in the EXACT position that I pointed to.
  15. Dude....... http://angryjoeshow.com/ajsa/topic/11161-xbox-one-drm-check-in-during-killer-instinct-tournament/ yep.....