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  1. What a great video! I really like to play nami, I guess I'll try that out xD ahah Welcome to our community full of people who rage and troll all the time >.<
  2. Rayman 1 <3
  3. I'm a huge fan of dragon's dogma! I play it on my ps3 and I really love it! I just feel like it is so complete and addicting xD I recently got the dark arisen version but I didn't try it out yet, I'm looking forward to it :3
  4. I still love playing pokemon on my gba '-' my favourite one is pokemon ruby, but I also have pokemon yellow and fire red xD Personnally I think they are way much better than the new ones :/ so, yeah, I still play them, even if they are old :3
  5. 'Mr. Bushido' that reminds me of Zoro from one piece I'm not new in the game, I've actually been playing it for 3/4 years... I'm DeathBat22 from EUW server ^^ If you need some help, just ask
  6. Yeah and you know it's sad but true :/ I just can't handle that kind of players and I don't even understand why do thy decide to ruin other people's game
  7. I always preferred Ryuuku... That shinigami is so epic!
  8. I don't really care if they have a bad game or if they don't get a good score... I just can't handle those players who are always trolling and spamming... Because when I play a match I don't only pretend to win, I want to have fun and I can't do it if my team act like that... As long as my teammates are nice people with who I can have a good time, I don't really care if I win or not
  9. When I say I prefer fantasy I mean that kind of games like dragon's dogma with mythical creatures and magic... But I also like other kind of games and I won't dislike one game just because it has some 'science' included ^^ it will depend on the his gameplay and features, for example I'm really waiting for the release of 'destiny' and it has lots of sci-fi features
  10. I miss that time! :/
  11. I always play sitting on the floor, doesn't matter if I'm playing on my computer or on my ps3 xD I don't really know why, I just like it
  12. Dragon's dogma<3 I just love that game
  13. I prefer fantasy, I'm not a big sci-fi fan
  14. Annie support is the most regular thing to find in the last few days and the only thing I know is that it is really annoying! Truth is that now gold isn't a problem for supp players and you can build them really easier so playing annie supp isn't such a bad idea... On the other hand she doesn't have any heal or buff to provide the team with so you must be careful with your build, depending on the game situation. ^^
  15. I've been playing league for 3 years and I really think his community became really toxic... I just can't handle players who are always blaming others, spamming team chat and trolling so I just mute them but sometimes I really feel like not playing that game ever again just because that kind of players exist xD