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  1. You can get RO2 with the Rising Storm sale now on. I'm a big fan of this game and I would urge everyone to try it at least once. It's a beautifully brutal experience for up to 64 players with a ridiculous amount of content they keep adding to but never charge for plus a dedicated community which will still be there until the next Ostfront/Red Orchestra gets released (ie. not anytime soon). It's ridiculously good value at it's full price, 75% off is practically stealing it.
  2. I read that earlier today, it's a hell of a read. I'd love to get Angry Joe's take on events if he can. I wouldn't blame anyone who just wanted to put distance between themselves and it.
  3. I'd love an AJSA TF2 server. Any of the official modes & maps would be fantastic, so long as there's a decent rotation of stuff to keep it fresh.
  4. I really liked ME3s original ending. The motive explanation was a flaw but the actual tone of it was perfectly fitting.
  5. I genuinly think the 3DS library makes it the best console of any kind around right now. It is a platform with many, many bountiful wonders to offer - everything from Pokemon to Professor Layton to Fire Emblem to an actually genuinly great Resident Evil game. It's a system you can buy with an absolute gurantee of finding something you like to play it on, no matter what your tastes.
  6. Something I've already backed - a fantastic looking 2D stealth-adventure game where you play the horrible gribbly alien plant breaking out of a sinister laboratory. It's already made it's initital funding but there's still a ton of stretch goals to reach, including achievments, secret levels and eventually PS3/4/Vita versions. $12 gets you the game and a PDF manual with original art, $300 gets your avatar in the game and $1000 gets your avatar in a decisive moment in the game. The game itself already looks wonderful so please go back them so they can make the best product they can! http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1183462809/paradise-lost-first-contact
  7. Backed for $20 as soons as I watched the video. I really hope this beats the odds and gets funded, it's a rare and interesting subject for someone to make any kind of game out of.
  8. TF2 is a still a really impressive act for me - the balance of the game definitly depends on how each player finds their own solutions. I'm still constantly impressed at the way each round evolves as people switch up their tactics and the battle progresses from one end of the map to the other.