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EireKHAOTIX The R-P Gamer

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    Limerick, Ireland
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    Being a youtuber. PC gaming to the MAX!! Role-playing both through video games and old school pen & paper. Online Multiplayer gaming and playing old school games. I hope to enjoy playing with all you guys! Angry Army forever! (Oh and Heavy Metal) \m/ -_- \m/
  1. I remember the first time I saw that scene were Lanilor gets frozen by the wizard I loled so hard at the voice acting in that scene XD
  2. I have never played a Mage in Divine Divinity but I can just imagine how difficult it must be going through all 48 levels of The Catocombs of Aleroth fighting all of those enemies. Is there anyone here who defeated the ENTIRE army the guy summons at the end of the Catacombs? I did it my first try and since then I have never been able to kill all of them before Zandalor comes to my rescue XD
  3. Mister Garibaldi though..... what a frakkin' awesome dude!
  4. Babylon 5 just really is a gem of a show and I really am glad to find people that are like minded! It's characters its story its messages just everything is awesome! (Sorry for late replies I had to send away to get my pc fixed because it clapped out XD)
  5. So I want to hear all you awesome people posting your thoughts on The T.V Series Babylon 5 and just how EPIC it is? NO SPOILERS please. I know you cannot talk about ALOT of things without giving away spoilers but please try and refrain from doing so. I haven't finished the whole series yet but I am really far in. So please NO SPOILERS people. Thank you!
  6. At least the Gothic Series is still going strong!
  7. Well thats In Dragon Commander anyway I don't know much about it because I haven't played much of it. But at least in the Original Divine Divinity you had many choices. But sure it's still a great series.
  8. Yeah man I know what you mean but seriously Dragon Knight Saga is a MASSIVE improvement on the game and it lengthens the Campaign by about 20 hours, so its pretty awesome. I just loved the story in it though. Overall the Divinity series has been one of my favourite RPG series like ever XD
  9. Yeah Dragon Knight saga is a WAY BETTER version of Ego Draconis with an extra full length game campaign added in! You should try out Dragon Knight Saga over Ego Draconis!
  10. Yeah the original is awesome. Come on like it must have done something right if it is on the list of Top 100 PC games OF ALL TIME!!!!
  11. Definetly man the game is a real gem. You should definetly get back to it, once you get right into it , it really is a gem.
  12. You should try out the Original Game Divine Divinity, it is far superior to Divinity 2. None the less Divinity 2 is one of MY favourite RPG's of all time!
  13. And yes Rattydog1 Divinity is an RPG series and very good one at that. I don't think the Spin-off Divinity Dragon Commander is an RPG though. But I can't talk much about it as I have only played a tiny bit of it.
  14. By Divine Divinity 2 do you mean the game Divinity 2 or Beyond Divinity the second game in the series?
  15. Hail one and all! I'm a huge fan of the Divinity series. I would just like to hear all of you Role-Playing Gamers thoughts on the series and where it is going?