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  1. This will be the greatest game of all time.
  2. Every time you die in a fps game, the crazy guy down the street who talks to trees gives you a swift kick to the gut.
  3. I discovered Angry Joe thanks to the last airbender. I was looking videos up on youtube about how bad it was and i stumbled across Joe.
  4. Kung Fu Rainbow Lazer Force
  5. I will announce tournament rules on saturday. I have to work out some time things for people not in the Americas. After that, we will be good to go.
  6. I live in Florida and IT IS FREEZING OUTSIDE!
  7. Just checked and i saw that that was where i was supposed to be.
  8. Hey am i ALL the black spots on the map? Im rhine. Seems really spread out if i am. EDIT: Never mind. I took a look at the map again and im the guy next to france and south of scandanavia right.
  9. I like blackwings because of how fast they are. The whole point of blackwings is to swarm the field as quick as possible. Makes it easy to get my synchro monsters on the field quickly, particulary black-feathered dragon.
  10. Ride to Hell.
  11. Hes fine last time i checked. Still in a coma i believe. But improving
  12. This is going to be my first time doing something like this. Any tips? Or is it all on the sheet?
  13. I call Rhine.
  14. I will look at the OCG ban list and our ban list. I will come up with an idea after that. As for your time zone, we just need to set up our tournament that benefits not only you, but other foreigners. By foreigners I mean people NOT in North America or South America. I classify those people as foreigners because I am setting this up and I live in the US and the time zones in NA and SA are fairly similar, which means easier scheduling.