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  1. Thanks for the constructive advice! (never was good at spelling...)
  2. This is an edited version of a post placed by me (Twitch:ProtoSteelGull) during the April 15,2014 Angry Joe livestream, where Joe got a comment asking if he was going to quit YouTube all together as he had not uploaded a review in about 3 weeks; This was my (now edited) response. "What the... what the Hell?! Do you create the review?Tell me, do you put your entire career on the line day in and day out having to survive basically off the kindness of others, risking your everything evry time you click the upload button on YoutTube?! and then, then you have the F**KING GUALL to say you have the right to DEMAND something of someone you don't KNOW? F**K YOU if you think that! And F**K YOU if you think your intiteld to control what others do with their own F**KING TIME.Goddamn it, sometimes, I just don't even know..." I appoligize for any offense to any members as I was "in the moment" at the time of this comment and wanted to post this to show how much things like intolerance for the video making process, especially for someone like Angry Joe, really erritates me and can hope with things like this posted we can stop intolerance towards other members in the communtiy. As well thank you all for reading through my admittingly pretty unorangized rant towards this and for further support of the community.
  3. Much approval was gained today. Really glad thier are people like you willing to do stuff like this to grow the communtity, really nice drawing dude!
  4. I would absolutely love to see this game played. It's fun, highly enjoyable due to its mechanics and characters, competitive as it is very well balanced, and overall a game that in my opinion doesn't get enough light as a competitive game. Regardless, I hope for the best of this game and respect the councils decision regardless. Thanks all!