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    reading ,rpgs , strategy games and also big fan of football ( GO GOONERS !!)
  1. got my bachelors degree a while back was working now quit to prepare for my mba
  2. so i'd like to back this game but the problem is that it isnt excepting my credit card (probably coz i am from india had this problem before ) now noramlly id use paypal ..but the govt has come up with some very weird rules regarding paypal accounts so for the time being i cant do jack ..hopefully in the future :\
  3. yeah i was a pc user myself ..but finally decided to get a ps3 since i couldnt keep up with the pc upgrades and started missing out on few console only games ... initially the transition is gonna be real tough atleast it was for me because the games i was good at also i had to learn all over again ..... so stick with it and soo enough you'll adapt to the console
  4. loved Baldurs gate 1 & 2 , also loved neverwinter nights 2 , DA origins , the witcher series , ME series and KOTOR
  5. I'm still a sub and i still play the game and if I was able to i would join the Angry army guild. i raid quite often with my current guild on bergen colony .... this game is quite hard on the f2p players that being said if seen quite a few f2p players stick with this game ... and the gtn allows you to buy everything that is in the cartel packs ( mostly cosmetic , a few xp boosts that help early on but these are very cheap on the gtn ) also dont mind switching my toons to whatever server is decided
  6. best of luck to the winner ...