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  1. Greetings locals of the forum. It has been a long while since last time i was here, and I don't like to do these stuff, but progress must be made. As we all know, we love video games, as far as i know... I just make videos and put them on the internet, and i want to share them with you. Like I mentioned before, i don't usually like to advertise myself or all that stuff, but as I create more and more content, i want to grow as well in the progress. The only problem that comes with it, i'm a military soldier who does not have all the time in the world. I may not be the best content creator, but i do try with the time given, even if it means schedule everything in advance. If you like what you see, i will be thankful if you will stick around and help this channel grow. I guess it will be more comfortable to post just few video of each of the recent playlists (because I am not familiar with how to post playlists). P.S: The Name SerieLis stands for Gray Fox in Russian
  2. Greetings Locals of the Forum. One of my favorite series that i ever played, is the Metro series, and as someone who creates content over the internet, i wanted to share this series with you. I play on the hardest difficulty, most of the time, depends on how hardcore i want to play this game...and of course it comes with a lot of death. I will try to share with this community as much as I can, because i haven't been here for so long, and perhaps disappearing was a mistake. But as a military soldier, it is a problem to appear when it is impossible that is why everything is scheduled in advance. I hope you will stick around and stay tuned, and perhaps give me the power and will to continue with this. Here are the shared at the moment episodes, more to come in the future.
  3. Greetings once again, Chapter 1 is done Special Thanks to Kizra for helping me in a time of need. Hope you'll enjoy Download link for the PDF: http://document.li/NcW0
  4. The most important part is to have fun. But humans will be humans, and some may be competitive, unwilling to lose so bad that they will do anything to destroy you. But there those who are actually ruining your gaming experience when you are trying to have fun, but they are ruining by doing something really stupid, and unfit.
  5. Greetings AJSA, been a long time since i was here...Had some issues, and in the end the previous project about the book series had to be stopped. So now resurrecting the topic into a new book, a new story line, and a fresh idea. Don't worry folks who actually remembers me, which i doubt it, but oh well, i didn't forget all the help i received back in the day (last year), therefore returning the favor that i got from you guys, i'm resurrecting the characters that were given to me, and they are going to be in this story as well. Locations have changed, so i will not post the character description i received from you, because it includes the location, and i need to figure out where to put them now, but don't worry about this. So what you say folks, growing together as a family? Just want to thank in advance the people who gave me the characters and just being supportive in general. BlondishMist748 IrishRogue Wolfspawn 2and900 IcedAjack chocokaran67 TonyTheGamerDad MaxterG JarlBalgruuftheGreater ApexSpartan I didn't really notice, but it seems all the characters were given, were males, no females, and i'm no sexist, so i'm kinda putting female characters as well, each one of us has influence to change the world. In addition, the story includes youtubers, as if their shows and attitude are live in the story. I have their approval and their will to be in the story, so that's why they are in there, those who thought they are "more" important than me, and ignored me, might get cut off the story. It's still on somewhat "pre pre alpha" version, just giving an announcement here, when i'll reach the "alpha" version, i'll post the first chapter. I found passion to writing not long ago once again, found my muse (i guess that's how you say it) , and a fresh idea...and i would like to share my work when it's done. Thank you for reading so far, you're a wonderful person for doing so, and actually caring. And if you have any questions, put them bellow i'll try to answer as the best as i can.
  6. Ohhh...Now your PC is working, and you didn't tell me! Now...the leech here has come to request some stuff...
  7. OK guys after not responding like 100 years ;\ if you want to read a prologue to the book the link is below LINK
  8. Ok apologies everyone, i was on vacation, so i couldn't write anything here... Anyway, updates, wrote a god damn prologue...finally, will post soon (maybe, i don't know) And everything that was mentioned above, is kinda changed, we'll see about it, after all the perspective is changed and i will have to rewrite the whole chapters.
  9. The courier is just an idea that came for the fact that one of the side character was supposed to deliver a letter, so i called him a courier because no one knew who he was. the series are in sort of fantasy land that i made up, on medieval times, i can't really tell of what it is about because for some reason that people would steal that idea. Let's say: lessons, vengeance, greed, love, hate, death, twins, brothers, prison, powers (not the usual magic stuff, something different - no fireballs coming from people hands), war, invasion, rebels, revolution, order, betrayal, choices and consequences. I guess that covers it... And if you want to write just do it, nothing should stop you, and just a suggestion, to feel more powerful during the writing, put two steps from hell.
  10. I don't have favorites, i use them all, for me everyone has his moments. Dallas for the serious part, like he is the boss in there, well for me at least. Wolf for goofy moments, but i use him rarely, my friend always uses him. Chains, well to tell the truth really rarely because when we play 4 in the group someone always uses him, for me (idk if that's true at all...) he is the ruthless one. And Hoxton, idk for some reason all the stealth type ( I like stealth alot) i use him.
  11. Hello there fellow members of AJSA, you probably don't know what this subject is about, basically i made a thread about it around a month ago, that let's say started it all, i was asking you fellow members and friends of AJSA for ideas because i was kinda stuck in developing characters, but now all the ideas are set and i got all the characters needed to make this series a magnificent. Already wrote few chapters and i'll represent their names just below, and because i finished all my exams and i have alot of free time which means i will be able to finish the first book before the end of the summer, maybe even before it even begins, all i need is few full days to to finish it, people ask me how many chapters there will be, i'm not sure yet, i can say minimum 15, even more, i'm pretty sure about that. Ok you waited long enough. Names of the first few chapters i made. Chapter 1: The courier Chapter 2: End of the line Chapter 3: Dreams and War Chapter 4: Fear And Hope Chapter 5: Angel from the Bed Chapter 6: The Arena * some of the chapter names may change, if i'll think of something better. If you have any questions submit them here, i'll try my best to answer them in the best way possible, i know i didn't put the lore here, and i changed alot of details since the first thread, for example alot of more cities were added and their rulers even a whole new land that gave me an idea for later books, anyway, like i said submit your questions here, and i'll try not to spoil alot of details that shouldn't be mentioned, well basically this book supposed to be mature that includes choices and consequences and maybe some other stuff. I guess that's it, thank you for your time.
  12. Hey everyone, sorry for not reporting for a while, and sorry for starting the same subject on the same topic i made not long ago, but this is an update because i already had enough ideas, in addition people usually don't read all the comments made (there were 49 in the previous one so you could understand that fact...) Also because of all the changes that were made i want to put here to mention pretty much some facts that i added... Oh and thank you all for the support. Last but not least before i begin with the notes, 2 days ago i finished my final exam so i'm going to boost the writing which means i probably going to finish the first one before the end of the summer. Now to the notes. * Protagonist name of the first book: Cain, comes from craftsman, he is a blacksmith in case people didn't read the first topic, so it fits * Every book there's a new protagonist, at least for now. * I got so many ideas from you guys that posted on the previous topic that i made alot more cities. City - Ruler North: Theobald - Count Daron Craagan - Lord Damarion Krifan - Lady Erika Jedrek - Count Erryn Center: Gardimon - King Malik - king of the land Vorin - Lord Alvin South: Bluewynn - Count Agadon Karistor - Lord Yan Magadon - Lord Andre Nymphaion - Count Alexander West & north west Aragos - High King Myara - King of the mountains (kinda cliche i know ) Arlen - Jarl Alistair Beleral - Jarl Zaurac Hinnos - Jarl Nymzeit (I took the ranks according to wikipedia so i guess i put a bit too much cliche in this...if you think i should change the ranks, let me know) Well i guess that's all the cities and their rulers * Well with many cities i could tell you one thing for sure, there will be more than 3 books that were planned in the first place... * I'm also changing the main title of the book. to what? well i could tell you, but i'm kinda thinking myself for the best title for the huge series... Again thank you all for the support. If there's any question feel free to ask, i'll try the best to answer them. I know i didn't explain at all what the lore of them in this topic, apologies about that, but if i'll tell, there will be many spoilers... I guess that's it...
  13. You know there's the neutral option right? just in case you just don't want to side with any of them...and then greybeards, peace talks, truce to be more clear... Just saying...in case you didn't know. I just created "Letho the gullet" from witcher 2, and went on empire choice like he sided (sort of) with Nilfgaardians. In addition, i only choose the empire from now on, because no one takes away my favorite Jarl, Balgruuf the Greater!
  14. Wolf has a funny moment when he picks the jammer and says "umm sorry, wrong number..." like come on it should be a giveaway something is wrong....and nope everything is fine, keep on...
  15. Well to tell the truth that's probably the amount someone would play...but i guess some endings are unwanted...for example in the witcher 2, killing Loredo every time.... I think i already played the game over 10-20 times...and every time learning something new. Other than that i'm going to feel bad for few facts...my pc is weak...like seriously, i want to play this game so hard, but can't afford to build a pc that won't melt from that huge game...I love CDPRED and their work...hell my dream job is to work there...or at least visit the HQ, hell saying each one of them "Thank you!" shaking their hands, that's another dream in the list...