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  1. Don't worry he will, either chapter 4 or 5 he'll come out. I did put your city in the book, because no one else submitted names for the cities, i probably going to need some help with the grammar, because i suck XD Thank you anyway for considering to join this and taking part in this.
  2. Fan art by Tonya

    From the album Book related

    Fan art of the protagonist...not going to add much description for major spoilers.... Tonya a fine artist, looking for support if you want to support her. https://www.facebook.com/artbytonya

    © https://www.facebook.com/artbytonya

  3. So far, your story had the most mentioned on chapter 1 and 2. Well the Rominheim story, i can't use the character just yet...he'll be there. Don't worry everyone else, you all will have your share, i just could put his on those 2 with no problem.
  4. Had some ideas? i could use everything...mixing it up a bit.
  5. Chapter 2: "end of the line" is completed. Thanks for all the support, love you all.
  6. Ok not trying to spoil anything, took me the whole day, I finished the first chapter in this, and around 6 pages (4 pages on A4) on the second chapter. And i'm telling you right now, i couldn't have it without you, you gave me inspiration to use, if you to give more, i would love to, there are still 4 cities and 9 villages names that must be offered, because i didn't want to block you so you could build your own fantasy city (that is fitting the book). Because it's a book with your participation after all, and if you want to read it after all (when it's going to be finished) you probably would have wanted to have a huge effect on the writing. I could invent them myself, because time is running and i'm using the whole vacation to it, so if you don't want to add your own cities or villages names i'll just do it myself, i could figure something out. i just love you all and again couldn't have done it without you.
  7. I may have a use for him, i just haven't think of something specific yet, it's probably better placed on the second book...
  8. I guess the knife you meant steal* I have a place for a character like him, he will die in battle, just in a bit noble way, characters like have place.
  9. Just something for chapter one, village elder, let's say the whole journey for the hero begins from him...he won't be mentioned alot...
  10. That was hilarious although really unfitting for the book completely, but funny short story...
  11. One stupid question everyone, sorry to putting it that way If Joe would be in the story what kind of character you think he would be? Just out of curiosity (we are his soldiers after all, so just to mess with this idea).
  12. A good material for the second book Not saying he is going to be the main character there, but may be useful in that kind of book.
  13. You know what, you may put a mohawks, but you either come from Krifan, or from a different city, i may have use for him for some kind of classified information that few know about. Not trying to be racist about that part, and sorry, but the middle age, well i may put racism in it...anyway, he is either a slave, bandit, or a warrior from a different land, which is unknown, but you may put your own name to it, but his fate will be in my hands, i have a plan for this kind of character...
  14. Beautiful storyline for a character, i'm putting that in, that definitely will be in the third book (because of the assassins...) sorry that it goes that far to the last book, just the assassins aren't mentioned in the first two...actually i think i could put him in the first one if you would allow me to change some stuff about the storyline (the last few sentences).
  15. One correction...i made a mistake because i forgot the damn word...(i have those dumb moments) Instead of mayor, you'll be the Lord of the lands In addition, the lords will have 1-2 villages\farms as their own, but there's also the village elder, or the owner who will give taxes to the lord...well it's better than being butchered on the streets...or starving, so don't take the elder or owning too negative.
  16. Did the middle ages had mohawks? i don't think so really... You can put your own background story, and i somehow insert it in the book, you can have your own name (fitting the times, may be unique) your own job, life works, other than that...yeah a background story could be in.
  17. Acknowledged, and thanks for caring
  18. It's ok, 15-30% of the world reads, mostly are elders, the young ones are not, which is a shame, every book is a whole new world... Which is why the may be too lazy to read that thread...
  19. Well my "poems" are not some drunk night in the bar, they are more used for blessings, i just said they sound "poetic" because no one ever thinks of what i say, pretty awesome when you start blessing about stuff that no one understands, but get the meaning, which kinda warms my heart when people enjoy it. It's ok if you don't enjoy it, just asked what people opinion stand for it, i guess people heard some boring, weird stuff before that called it "poetry" but every human among us has his own taste, i don't listen to poetry myself, i just find it kinda nice to write it as a blessing for someone's birthday, or a toast, etc... Again just wanted to hear your opinion and i appreciate the fact i had some similarities with some people about music itself. Forgot to mention, Two steps from hell is also on the list...after all epic music...powerful, strength, relax...which is kinda funny when i try to cover it with my guitar...for some reason i have tears every time i do it... Apologies for showing emotions here, but i feel more open with you...
  20. Greeting my fellow brothers and sisters of this army! I haven't been around alot, posted alot or anything similar to it, but i have been wondering, does this community takes kindly to music, soundtrack, poems, etc... I just not long ago started to write some blessings that looked kinda...poetic, so i took that as a hobby, and thought to start making up poems, i'm not going to say, i'm a professional, but music was a great part of my life, and i enjoy listening to it...made some covers on youtube...really few, again started not long ago...that information is kinda irrelevant... Anyway, why is your opinion about music? do you enjoy listening to it, do you like video game soundtracks, their music, the power it creates in you when you listen to it? and what kind you usually listen? (for me it's rock, metal, classic, orchestra, pop and sometimes really old jazz) Unfortunately i'm no composer which means i cannot create my own songs, i can write the words, but to add the music, i just envy sometimes those who can do it, these people have talent, i'm a listener, i stand on the side and listen. I'm probably wasting your time reading all of this, although i would be grateful for you opinion. I'm not sure what else to add on this topic, wished i had something on mind, which could be more bright, but i thank you for the patience and your will to share. Best regards! P.s: apologies for the bad grammar\spelling, English isn't my first language, so i may have made some mistakes...
  21. I don't know what to say, this game was amazing, had a place in my heart, i finished the game over 6-10 times (each game) now i'm taking a little break from it, because for that long and so many choices and so many deeds, we all could use a rest, wow to think the only time i didn't play it was when citadel DLC came out, i don't know why i didn't try it out yet, i got but didn't touch it, maybe because of the break, maybe this summer i'll return to relive the experience , maybe not, maybe this time i'll goof around take the classes i never used (i think sentinel or engineer)on insane to challenge it abit, probably going to be rusty, it's been so long, but still in my head. After listening to someone playing the piano of this soundtrack, my heart started beating once again, thinking about this, "the end once and and for all" It was my favorite RPG game, for a long time, well the first one at least, i don't think i felt the same about the other, the were cool, but the first, like most of franchises out there, are always the best, later on, companies start to experiment, and ruining the whole emotions that were felt before. And again i talk too much, apologies, i don't have anyone to share this with, so it feels so good when i can type all of this over and over, just to think you may have someone in common with someone here, actually most of us have...it's like writing a confession, you feel better afterwards...releasing the weight of your chest... P.S favorite moment, playing the first game for the first time, with the amazing soundtrack, when approaching the relay...damn i'm getting a chill every time i think about it oh and the omega 4 relay, it was actually kinda epic...the soundtrack added so much to it...
  22. Well if you say about real RPGs, i would have suggested the Gothic franchise, the graphics may not be the best...well talking about 1 and 2... the third game has pretty decent graphics...i guess, not sure if you'll enjoy it though, but it is an RPG, that people, eat, drink, talk, sleep, live...seems pretty beautiful universe, but the fourth was bad, so i would just suggest play the first 3, well to get into the whole story, it's basically better to start from the first, not a must do, but recommended, i can talk about this all day, so i'll cut this short, and say...that's my suggestion. about the gameplay, may be difficult, or really easy...depends It's pretty much open world when you can explore, hunt, join communities, serve, worship, believe, use magic, it's all your choice...
  23. Gothic is my way to study a language, it helped me to learn Russian during my childhood, and after passing the game over 20 times and knowing every little secret about the game....well most of them, i tried to play it on English...god the voice acting was so awkward, i couldn't play the game the same way, i was laughing every time i heard someone talking....the original is probably German if i'm not wrong, but the Russian version will be always my favorite heard language in this game. Gothic isn't just a game, it's a journey, my life was based on this hardcore RPG, no one was holding your hand and you needed to find your own path and fight through your enemys...was toth, died alot, was laughing, and the best part in gothic 1 the fall glitch, going to the old mine and doing banzai, and surviving just by clicking sideways... Theres much more to talk about, Gothic 2 was the best, in my opinion, Gothic 1 more introduced me to the story and what was going on, and after growing up with the time i realized how dumb i was during the game....realizing what people actually saying...thinking i liked them before, even though they don't deserve it, but as a kid i was naive...like many of us, but it was such a pleasure destroying them. I can talk about this game forever, to bad they wont make any games like this anymore.
  24. The witcher 1 came out around 2007 if i'm not wrong, although i first tried it in 2009, was kinda young and foolish, and didn't completely understand what was going on, and like every game i play, on the first try i play as the most retard person in the world, not understanding where to go or what to do, although it did kinda help the fact i was playing on the Russian version, to tell the truth the sound was kinda a bit better than the English version in my opinion, although i'm trying to play this on the English version at the moment, i kinda understand better, because the knowledge was kinda increased. Have passed the game about 6 times by now - the first one, the second one about 2-3 times. not saying that i dislike the game (because passing it barely few times) after each playthrough i'm doing few months break and getting into the feeling once again, now that the wild hunt pronounced all i can say is:" I CAN'T WAIT FOR THIS GAME" This franchise was one of my favorite, makes me feel the same way as i played Gothic 1-2, I'm addicted to RPGs so sorry if i bring up other RPGS into this, just emphasising how strong are my feeling. One thing i liked better on the First Witcher the most is the choices, i mean the flashbang parts, it was showed in a beautiful scenarios, picture sequences, it was more beautiful, for me atleast than the gory moving comic like flash bangs on the second game. other than that nothing much, more than that. I hope the Wild Hunt will be the best RPG that was ever played in 2014, i'm for sure gonna love it, but you know...hopes are hopes. Too bad my PC isn't gonna be strong enough for this game, maybe on low graphics, i don't have much money to get a good graphic card, even the second one i think i played only on normal, can't really remember, if i'll have a chance, my hope is to get a strong enough card to play those games on the best graphics, although the feelings and the gameplay are what matter, but you know, to admire the view of this open world game, anyone would want that. I talk too much do i?
  25. Welcome to the AJSA every man or a woman has his own story, we are not so different, but we don't share the same way, every choice leads to a different path, and each path has it's own ending, the only question is: Which path are you choosing? and will you feel achieved with the consequences? It is up to you, again welcome, new blood, and it is always a pleasure for people taking part in the community.