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  1. Welcome to the AJSA
  2. Welcome to the AJSA Ping doesn't matter as long that you are having fun.
  3. Welcome to the AJSA Time is a matter of organization, get this right and you may have all the time you need. good luck in the wedding. and be sure to have fun in the community, we are growing and every man brings strength to the mighty army.
  4. Welcome to the AJSA. (sounds like Lambert from Splinter cell 1)
  5. Welcome to the AJSA
  6. Welcome to the AJSA Lag or no lag, you are welcomed...as long that you are loyal
  7. Welcome aboard We always welcome new blood to our community...as long that you are loyal
  8. Welcome aboard Bad or good, everyone is welcome in AJSA..as long you loyal.
  9. Hello, the title says it all. Have been wondering because the streams start when i'm either studying, or training...well everytime it starts, i'm busy with something and i wanted to know if the streams go long enough so i could join...even if it's late...(early for me but still...)
  10. Witcher 1-2 Gothic 1-2 Dragon age origins The Elder scrolls Fallout 1-nv Mass effect The walking dead -the good one I guess that covers it.
  11. Well that depends, some say better, the benefit of the PC version is the fact that you can put mods, and it improves your game experience, by adding new locations, weapons,textures,looks etc... So i guess it is better.
  12. Favorite part, spending all 120 hours during the game.
  13. Greetings! I'm the witcher and i'm here to serve. After bunch of yelling by the angry king, The mighty joe, i have arrived to serve the mighty army. although the fact that i'm not really available much in the streams, i'm following and all but most of the time i can't visit it, well i'll try to spread the word around, be active on the forums etc...so this is me, the witcher, typing here, in the great army.