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About Drewsif41

  • Birthday 02/18/1998

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    Carthage, NY
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    Games that tell a good story. Favorites are strategy's, shooter's, and rpg's. Not a fan of racing games, but anything else i'll try.
  1. Has anyone recently seen anything on this game it looks like it's going to be one of the best RTS's of all time. It's one of the first games to include land, sea, and air units fighting all at the same time in massive battles. I think the player limit is 10 v 10 in an RTS that is huge especially when you think that each person can have 100 units on the field give or take 50. It may not be the first game to include these things, but it sure looks like it's going to pull it off. It has amazing graphics and with the hundreds of unit types and different nations that takes dedication. I don't know it just seems like it will be a better version of R.U.S.E. besides the fact that it isn't in WWII. After seeing it on Joe's likes and looking into the Beta versions the game looks like a must buy for any RTS fans. What do you guys think about the game? I want to know and what are some of the RTS's you're looking forward to in the near future. That is if you like RTS games.
  2. From it's first trailer I was excited about the witcher 3, from it's design to it's combat everything is getting updated and improved. This game will be massive as it is 20% larger than Skyrim and is open world. It is also the final chapter of the story of Geralt. Personally I'm excited to see where they go and how these new adaptations are used to create a better game with better gameplay. This is probably one of the most anticipated titles of 2014 and can you really doubt why? Anyway what do you guys think, will it be amazing or will they fail to accomplish this masterpiece of gaming. If this isn't in your top wish list what is I'm interested to hear games that I may not of heard of.
  3. Now that there is more out on evolve I want to hear what people think about it. Will it bring a new twist to fps's or will it fail it's goal. What do you think?
  4. Have any of you seen Joe's new video and a tear came to my eye as he poured his heart out. I never knew or saw JewWario or any of his videos, but by the emotion from all these reviewers he seems like he was a great person with a very unique personality. Then as I scrolled down to read the comments I was speechless. I could not believe the pointless conversations going on in the comments. The completely off topic conversations weren't even the worst people accused Joe, who mind you was on the verge of crying the whole time, of trying to make a quick buck! Someone tries to remember someone and spread the word and they get this kind of reaction. This was on youtube and I don't know I just can't believe how heartless some people are... it's a real shame.
  5. It's confusing they say no single player, but they also say that it doesn't require multiplayer to play. By the looks the single player is multiplayer with AI filling in for players. I don't know they have released so little on it, but it has an interesting concept. I should have been more specific. I worded it kind of poorly, no campaign just online and offline play of different survival and hunter type game modes.
  6. I just saw my game informer and was confused to see Turtle Rock's new title Evolve. After further research it looks like it will be Left for Dead with only online play. Instead of zombies there is a giant monster that you and three friends or AI can hunt. No single player, but different monster types and variable classes for humans or "hunters." Though the game will be playable offline with AI substitutes. You can play as the monster as well, so you can either play competitively or cooperatively with people, friends, and AI. All and all it's a game that's looking interesting, but there isn't enough out to make a decision yet.
  7. I've seen a lot on Destiny from E3 and other sources. It appears to be Bungies next Halo, though it has its own feel you can definitely see some inspiration. It looks to be a very interesting game, not sure about the story yet. I am definitely interested to find out though. It seems like a fun game regardless if you play with friends or alone, but it looks like it will be better if you interact with friends and community. The RPG elements look very extensive with the ability to level up you and your equipment. I will be buying it, but what do you guys think?
  8. You can't really expect more than 6v6 with giant robots in the mix, could you imagine 12v12 or even 32v32 with giant robots on maps like the ones we've seen. Maybe if the maps were bigger or the titans less powerful then you could expand the number of players. As is though there is no single player in the game it is currently built into the multiplayer, where people spend 95% of the in shooters. With the mixed combat we should see diverse strategies and new interactions between players that we've never seen before. I do have to agree with bots there appear to be two types of AI robots and humans not much on the different types or behaviors. All considered it will be a different experience than the usual FPS.
  9. I want to know what everyone thinks and knows of Titanfall so far. The graphics look great and the mixed gameplay looks interactive and diverse creating new strategies in games between heavy titans and agile pilots. I don't know it seems to good to be true, it's almost a mix of Call of Duty and Hawken in one game. I hope they can deliver and if they do Titanfall will be a must buy in stores. As I said what do you guys think of it so far?
  10. Drewsif41