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  1. Yeah sorry about that I was really busy yesterday so I was kind of on and off so I may have missed you. If you can find us we're in the southwest corner of the map in a little bay. The spawn area should be West 3 I believe.
  2. Awesome I'll see you in-game.
  3. Yet another dwarf joins the fray.
  4. Or you could message me on here, whatever strikes your fancy.
  5. Hey guys just wanted to say I've started up a Tribe with some friends and we're known as the Dwarves of Clan Pugmy and we're trying to make an exclusively dwarf tribe. In order to join, if you want to, you simply have to join the Angry Joe Show Ark! server on Ark: Survival Evolved and in character creation set your leg length slider all the way down. I'm on for a pretty large portion of the day so if you wanna join the tribe just hop on and send a message on chat. I hope to see some of you guys wanting to join our tribe and if not I hope to see some of my fellow Dwarven brethren running around in glorious world of ARK.
  6. The Server name is Angry Joe Show Ark! and it can be found if you go to Steam and click view, then click servers and narrow it down to ARK: Survival Evolved.