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  1. I'd like an invite, my steam is Entstehung. Also quick question, must you be above a certain level for each nation in War Thunder for the group. (Ignore this for now)
  2. Yes, its good to see more PC players. PC = Masterrace
  3. I recommend saving up for future games, there are other games out there that would be better too. What you say is true; it crashes a lot, it has connection issues. However it is no doubt one of the best shooters out there. IF you do decide to get it make sure you can run it.
  4. Goodluck to you, we have plenty of ops and training sessions to participate in, you'll fit right in.
  5. Its indeed a good thing to leave "lonely town" as you say for the AJSA of course! Good luck to you.
  6. Hope you find your way around lad, good to have ya!
  7. It wasnt even scary! (I will find it disturbing how many people will take this seriously)
  8. Sorry I've forgot what the teamspeak server is... May somebody please tell me?
  9. So I was wondering what your favorite store item is and feel free to give ideas for items out. A [AJSA] mouse pad perhaps? Just an idea I had.
  10. Who needs graphics when you have imagination you say?
  11. Guten tag is how i started my introduce yourself topic. Anyways ... Welcome!
  12. GTX 770? Of course the gtx 770.
  13. Homeland security works towards next world war. Nah
  14. I don't believe America bought 1.6 Billion bullets for world war and are arming their police with heavy weapons.