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  1. IGN is Fox Norg Be great to fight with the army.
  2. Well, if you paid attention to our commander's twitter you noticed he said something of a game jam falling apart and going to Disneyland (lucky). Though the game jam was actually going to have youtubers partner up with indie gamers and make games. What happened was... well, read the article: http://indiestatik.com/2014/03/31/most-expensive-game-jam/ sad something that was sounded fricken awesome was so horribly ruined in such an ugly fashion. Edit: Apparently the author possibly got fired for this article according to his twitter. Edit 2: Just after I did 1 edit, he posts that his boss tells him he isn't fired in another tweet... dang it.
  3. Delrith wanted a Titan skin that was pink with flowers on it, and call it Bob. I can't convince Respwan to do it, but I can at least to this lazy piece of fan art. Plus I really needed something silly to draw.
  4. Summoner Name: The Burnt Fox Region; North America Areas: Unranked and AARAM
  5. Video:http://youtu.be/cbIWRd514-s Now, the video does fail at being funny, but the technology looks really interesting and the comment of Hearthstone is not an example I would use, but imagine if said program was in use for say... The Star Trek mmo (I know it isn't what Star Trek fans wanted but follow me). You could hail a ship and see your avatar saying exactly what your saying with 75% accurate lip sync from your character looking as stern, happy, angry or dull as some people play are, but would still be interesting. Now, I don't think it would immediately make it into gaming but the developers do seem to want it to make it used for that. Though the flip side is we get really annoying videos of the red panda/fox/whatever the fluffy thing is… but that song that I will not mention is hopefully dead. Anyway just wanted to see if this would be something others might be interested in. Here the link for the more curious: http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/facerig