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  1. that's pretty funny, reminded me of this glitch I came across while hunting a snow sabre cat.
  2. I need it.
  3. Mass Effect 2 as well, playing through the entire trilogy to get the outcomes I originally had wanted. Not sure what to play afterwards though once I'm done... D:
  4. Mystique. I admire the power she wields and her shape shifting abilities. Second option would probably be Poison Ivy. Besides the fact that she's an Eco-terrorist, I can understand her intentions, and loved her relationship with Harley Quinn. Then followed by Venom, Batman, and Dead Pool.
  5. I love Ghost in the Shell : D great show with great soundtrack. I'm really enjoying Pyramaze: and some Nightwish:
  6. Looks as though my whereabouts have been discovered
  7. Apex Spartan has flared their capslock, suggesting much agitation
  8. Here we have a perfect example of the Console gamers and the PC gamers, competing with one another in their natural habitat. Based on my observation, they seem to be fighting over resources to fuel their ever bloating ego. Their bitching, or rather their habitual calls to commune with opposing gamers, suggest much hostility today. When coming across such whiney creatures as these, I advise to give a wide 50 meter radius berth to avoid further contact. Prolonged contact may result in flaming, crying, petty name-calling, and nubcakery.
  9. the Mass Effect series have hit me on a pretty emotional level. With ME1 anyway, it left me in a state of "What the fuck do I do with my life now." because I already know how it all ends. Now to fill the void with a bunch of DLC's... almost hit me as hard as the Red Wedding, but not quite. can't say I've ever really raged quit on a game, maybe raged, but never quit on a game. As a perfectionist, rage quitting is not an option.
  10. Millennium Falcon Punch it Chewie!
  11. 5/10, don't know the character in particular but I like anime and fire.
  12. I tried to get over the idea of there ever being a possible 2143 after watching 2142 slowly die on its own. I guess there's always a chance that it could happen, would make me so happy if DICE did follow through with a 2143 : ) but their new Battlefront looks like it would more than satisfy my needs. After looking into it I can't believe I didn't play the previous SW: Battlefronts, I've been missing out o.o
  13. Anybody else bawl their eyes out in Wolf's Rain when I know I did. The ending of Cowboy Bebop got me too. #ugly crying