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  1. Hello, Yesterday ive booted up my computer and suddenly i hear a pop sound and it smells like something got burned inside my Gaming Desktop and my Desktop shut down because of it... ive tried to reboot it and it switched back on for 30 mins after i was watching some YouTube videos... ive decided to download a new Driver for my GPU and my Desktop switched off its own when anouther pop occured while i was about to download it and it gave out this nasty smell of an electrical burnout ive opened my desktop and i reallized the smell was coming out from my Power Supply.Then i tried to reboot it and it wouldn't reboot... RIP PSU Next day i took my computer to a Proffesional Computer shop for a repair and they bought me a replacement for my PSU and it was a brand i never heard before and it was 750watt Zeronix psu ive had a Supowerflower PSU watt 1000. The day after my PC was alright and it was working fine whit the new PSU, then i took it back home and i tried to play a GPU intensive game Rainbow Six seige and my Frame rate was getting hit soo hard i was getting 15 fps i used to get a stable 60 Fps before i replaced the new PSU... could be the PSU falt of low wattage. Ive tried anouther game CoH 2 and when i got into a match my Computer switched off and rebooted it self and i got soo worried that i paniced and tried out Battlefield 4 and it was running just fine after 20 Mins into the game my PC poped again and my PSU got fried again FFS!!!! i took it back in again to replace my PSU for a Thermaltake 850 watt PSU and pray to god it works this time because ive blown away too much money.... If i don't get this fixed i wont be joining the PC masterace for quite awhile. I was running a R9 280X TOXIC Sapphire 3G VRAM i7 920 ( Not Overclocked), 8G RAM 750 watt PSU
  2. i don't really play the campaign at all... the only campaign i played was on Call of Duty 2 like years ago... Rainbow Six seems a better choice don't you think?
  3. Am looking for an FPS shooter i got bored playing Star Wars Battlefront ive reached max Lvl 50 in the first week of release it wasn't a challenge at all.... casual game for casual gamers not my style . Am looking a game that i could sqeeze more time out of the outher it seems Rainbow Six would be a better choice because its been awhile since Rainbow Six: Vegas and i loved that game. At the outher end Call of Duty seems getting just a tiny bit better than its previous release CoD : Advance WarFare but this time because wallrunning yes Wallrunning that they copy from Titanfall and its the same animation aswell.... tsk tsk.
  4. I like to hear peoples opinions because am intrested on buying Metal Gear but am also looking forward for Fallout 4 aswell but i don't have enough money to buy both nor i don't have time to wait for games to come out am a very unpatient man ^^ .
  5. Not sure why you guys don't like Battlefront but i really enjoyed playing the Open Beta of Star Wars Battlefront i haven't seen a game like Star Wars Battlefront 2 for 10 Years...
  6. I can't decide what game should i get untill those 2 games come out i have about 60€ at my Dissposal ( I like to Spend money on games because am an addict plz halp ), Am looking for Shooter games, RPG Fantasy or MMO's . I currently own Battlefield 3,4, GTA 5,Guild Wars 2, Arma 3, CSGO and The Witcher 3. Am looking on Buying MGS 5 am a big Metal gear fan but i think theres better games out there. Let me know on some of your opinions on games that you recommend!
  7. Try go on the Origin website and ask for support just make sure you didn't forget your email adress.
  8. Ok thanks all I'll try that method.
  9. After 5 hours of game time i decided to take a break from the game for an Hour but before doing that i went on to the AMD Gaming Evolved and went into Library and on to ESO online and i press Optimized then i came back after an hour and i tryed to hop back in ESO and at the starting menu my computer screen starts to flip to heck out and screen is tearing apart its like a glitch but continues to happen when i close the game and trying to resolve the problem i had to close my computer but the power button because it was almost nearly Impossible to close it manualy .... It still happens when i start up the game again on menu screen... all my ourther games are working just fine.... is there a RAM leak or something like that? Please help id appreciate it alot!
  10. 2x R9 280x Toxic 3G vram on crossfire i7 920 cpu From what i heard most people are experiencing these problems by thier AMD cards and i never had simular issues that i have on outher games rather than GTA 5... Am guessing its probably my AMD cards i run this game at max settings except the advanced settings and i run this game 64-80 FPS Smooth tho my CPU is bottlenecking most of my FPS i should probably upgrade next year to a new AMD CPU set.
  11. Did both nothing helped solving this problem.
  12. Am not able to play this game since it was released its keeps crashing and freezing all the bloody time i can't even finish Multiplayer missions because it will crash when i engage enemys. And also at certain points on GTA 5 map mostly near the Harbour where it all happens. Is there a solution to this fix? God ...totaly regret buying this game again on PC because i already had put atleastg 700+ hours on PS3 version.
  13. As a gamer who played 7 years of MMO this game doesn't impress me at all to be honest in my opinion i rarely hear anyone talk about this game anymore.
  14. How well optimized The Witcher 3 is? Got bored playing, GW2,Arma 3, BF4... literally everything except GTA 5 that i couldn't play it at all because of the intense crashing issue whit AMD gpu's. I was looking for something enjoyable and i was thinking of buying Witcher 3 ... i never played Witcher series before all i heard it too damm hard to play it because of the combat i like games whit a challenge like Darksouls . What do you guys think should i drop 30 euros on Witcher 3? Ive already regret droping 60 on GTA 5.
  15. Except Guild Wars 2 and SWOTOR that ive already tryed it out are they any outher MMO's that ive i actually missed and are worth putting your time and effort?