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  1. I still don't get how he can give this game a 6 when there were soo many bugs and the game clearly was rushed. What I watched from the review this game should barely even hit a 4. Joe has been preaching about games being released finished and not being rushed but goes ahead and gives a game that clearly has these problems a 6? I think his fan boyism showed in his review.
  2. Nintendo can be as selfish as they freaking want ITS THERE CONTENT!!! does it suck? yeah it does and when I hear joe saying crap like "im going to take nintendo to court" it just makes me freaking laugh because AJSA will NOT win because of how long nintendo can drag the court case and run joe dry when it comes to MONEY something nintendo has infinite amounts of and joe not so much. So lets bury this crap about joe and nintendo because i think joe just wont get through nintendo JAPAN because in japanese culture RESPECT is number one and joe shows none of it in his rant videos about nintendo. You either respect nintendos way of doing things by going through there program or you dont but when you see stupid shit like writing "We will link it to another site" to try and by pass or make a loop hole it just makes joe look even worse. Does he really think a company like nintendo cant shut down any other site he hosts it to? they might even go as far as suing joe then what will joe do? I just think this is a fight he cannot win when it comes to fighting a company with endless amounts of money to spend on lawyers.
  3. It is really simple...no man sky was hyped up to the damn moon and got everyone excited. When the game released it was a total pile of dog doodoo. I actually fell asleep watching Joe stream the game thats how freaking bland and boring the game was. People do not pay for games "potential" DLC and patches. They pay for the game OUT OF THE BOX and video game companies INCLUDING INDIE DEVS! should be held to a higher standard then what we have been given the past few years. Also Indie Companies/Devs should actually be putting out a much HIGHER standard game then triple A titles you know why? because they need there company/personal names out there so they can give the consumer that "WOW" factor. If they cannot do that then consumers will just look to the next game because there are hundreds/thousands of games out there. So no No Man's Sky does not get a freaking break nor should any of you guys try and make any excuse for it because the game was a giant ass flop at release. You know the saying "first impressions are everything" it holds true and stays true to video games.
  4. If you take a look at our "official" games list on these very forums we still have FFXIV listed but the guild last time i checked has been dead over 1-2 years ago. Again my opinion might be wrong or not liked but this gaming community when it comes to supported games is very very poor to non existent. I have been roaming and posting a bit on these forums and the activity between this forum to team speak its basically dead and has been for a very long time. So again I suggest just trying to get whoever you can together and polling what faction to choose but support and official games for the AJSA is total crap.
  5. I suggest not caring what faction Joe is on because he drops games on a dime. I suggest you guys get together and pick what faction the majority of you guys like and just play. I say this because trying to be in the same faction as joe or whatever might not be the faction you guys most enjoy and besides after joe is done with a game what are you guys going to do if you don't like the faction joe chooses? I don't know how warhammer plays or how it works I am just kinda confused on how on these very forums that aren't even that active to begin with try and "follow" joe like a bunch of sheep from game to game wasting money. So again choose the faction you guys like make a poll and vote between yourselves and don't bother with what joe picks because hes going to end up not playing the game for very long anyways because new games come out every month.
  6. dragonborn

    So what kind of channel is it? because I don't even know anymore. I mostly see 60 to 70 percent being movie reviews.
  7. Joe is too busy watching movies and doing movie reviews.
  8. All I think when I see stuff like this is WAAAHHH WAHHHHHH bunch of cry babies.....Also if you click the tweet it is a bunch of hindus disagreeing with the guy. The guy is a damn joke and anyone else that gets butt hurt over something so minor as this.
  9. youtube haters, content

    No such thing as being a "hater" or "white knight" its called a fucking opinion don't like it get off the internet. Joe's video's have become worse and worse over time his channel is basically a trailer review to movie review with a bit of gaming review sprinkled in between and you know what? I am fucking sick of it. I subbed to him because he had decent GAMING reviews. If i wanted to see movie reviews I could just as easily go to rotten tomatoes and read the reviews on the movies there and get even more in depth information about a certain movie. Also! I do not count rapid fire reviews because thats just an easy way out to "review" something Joe needs to start putting in more damn effort into his gaming reviews and leave the movie BS alone!
  10. If he lost anything its all on Joe. If it aint broke dont try and fix it. He expanded way too quickly and put game reviews on the back burner and we are seeing it now with more and more movie reviews then ever before this does not even include his movie trailer videos. He has his hand in every kind of cookie jar he can get at and his game reviews are hurting because of it. He needs to stop spreading his time around to soo many different things and focus on game reviews where people actually gave a damn about his channel.
  11. I have to agree...he put soo much effort on a review about a game no one even knew about but does rapid reviews on games that people were looking forward to? makes no sense....
  12. Have to agree way too many movie/trailer reviews and not enough gaming reviews and it kind of ticked me off when he did a rapid review on Overwatch one of the biggest games that came out this year just strikes me as lazy if he just stopped doing movie/trailer reviews i think he could squeeze one or two more game reviews which is the reason i actually subbed to his youtube channel.... Also I know this is his channel and he can do what he wants but if he continues on this path I am afraid he is going to bleed subs if he hasn't already.
  13. I don't agree with him at all. He praised League of Legends and that game has the SAME replay value as Overwatch just a different type of game so I do not get that. As for the pricing it is actually fine the game is not just pretty polished but its actually almost perfect everything works I have not run into one bug in my 20 hours or so of game play which is quite rare. Plus they are giving us free maps and new characters so what more can you ask for? Loot boxes are a freaking luxury they are not needed to play the game. Quite honestly I am baffled at a 7/10 score this game is pretty much one of the top 5 games gunning for game of the year.
  14. If anyone is playing the open beta and has got the founders pack I have opened a discord channel for a few buddies and I. https://discord.gg/0uohAmp6uLAEUH0O