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  1. Hey guys ! i just bought GTA 5 today and id like some1 to play with and who else better is there to play with than the angry army! My gamertag is RedNineA817 (xbox 360) i have already sent a request
  2. I would love it if we made an event for borderlands 2! bought the GOTY edition a few days ago and have noone to play with! so yeah borderlands 2 plz
  3. I tried playing it about 2 weeks ago but it kept telling me i had to download compatibility packs even after downloading them...I am not sure if i did something wrong but i kinda lost interest about trying since i was already playing Ascend. I like gladiator type games i might try making work again in a few days
  4. I am loving games for gold too! one more reason to renew my membership each month! A world of keflings really caught me of guard! its a very cool game to sit and play with family too. Havent played iron brigade that much but its a very good tower defence game (dungeon defenders is the best one IMO tho) and halo 3 is amazing if it werent for the halo series i wouldnt buy an xbox. i have only had those 3 from G4G. Ascend is also a pretty decent free game if u consider it is still in beta. I am always looking for people to play Iron brigade with and ofc any of the future G4G that have multiplayer!
  5. I will probably wait at least a year to buy the next gen. After there are a few more titles out there to choose from and they have fixed any hardware issues and stuff
  6. I would prefer Halo 4 but if enough people want to try out Halo 3 im up for it as well! Looking forward to seeing you guys in game!
  7. Hey gamers! I am Apostolias i am 20 years old i come from greece and the one thing i enjoy more than playing games is playing games with other people! I currently own an Xbox360 and id love to find some people to chat and play along with! games i play at the moment are AC black flag , Borderlands 2 , Halo 4 and a couple arcade games. Feel free to PM me and dont forget to have fun !!!