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  1. This thread made me look into the last page of the #gamergate thread to have a look at it. All the people were extremely civilized with each other and the reason for locking the thread is bs. As such, I emailed the threadlocker about this demanding he makes up an better reason because there were NO Valid ones for locking it.
  2. So did you bluntly accept Aliens Colonial Marines as official canon too?
  3. I don't like talking. I hate voice. I shot people in Killing Floor when they never shut up with their voices. No, but I saw Gunz 2 but Steam was like "lol region lawk". Don't Planetside 2 have a good community also?
  4. I'd advise everyone to stay the fuck away from it and for JOE to STOP HYPING THE SHIT OUT OF EVERYTHING NEW GODDAMNIT. Nosgoth, the universe of Nosgoth is incredibly expansive and rich. Gothic, dark, fatalistic, deep. But nope, let's turn it into a TPS/FPS Quake 3-wannabe Arena Hybrid Game like so many others BECAUSE THAT'S WHAT THE FANS WANT AMIRITE?! Granted I tried this out back when it was alpha. I tried the Archer and overall, I did not think the game was bad. It was lackluster. That was what it was. It was decent for about five minutes and then you wanted to do something else. Just for the hell of it, here is it's roots;
  5. Sweet. I'm already gonna cut my leg off for this one to get it right away. Yep yep.
  6. I've acquired Rainbow Six Vegas 2 on my own. This thread may be closed.
  7. I hate tropical weathers. I'd rather move to Antartica and go paranoid from all the snow than be scorched to death by the sun. Well in Sweden, following these last 8 years of having a right winged capitalist party in our government has to led nasty things such as organized crime getting a very good foothold in certain places as opposed to before, and people getting thrown out on their asses, and jobs refusing to employ you because it was more profitable to just use you as workforce AND get paid by having you work for them. Now that we're with a left-centerish Socialist party again, we have some-sort of nutcases that want to throw out all unemployed people - REGARDLESS HOW WE FEEL ABOUT IT - into the health care system to tend for the sick and elderly without any education on how to do so. No matter what side you look at, they're idiots all over the place.
  8. The introvert who doesn't use makeup often at all ( almost never ), prefers not to leave home, avoids the sun usually like if I were a Vampire - The pretty one? Hardly likely. My life isn't a Hollywood movie after all Brazil's never been a place I've even wanted to go willingly. Except in XCOM though for "We got ways."
  9. Sweet! I can finally play the first game that interested me the most as opposed to the second game that was the least interesting and the third game that I actually own on PSP Physical Disc and have a translated ISO of it that I still haven't played. Just a shame that the first anime was rather bland. And I don't like the forced love triangle in VC3. But still! VC1! I wonder if they'll update it with mechanics from the sequels and add bonus stuff to it this time around or just straight up porting it. Either way, I'm hoping for the best. ... Hehehe.. .. Kaboom...
  10. I don't get it. You could switch perspectives in the other games and I mostly played in FPS mode myself. So how exactly did they mess up here? Perhaps they will add TPS-option but I'd be fine if they didn't. THEN AGAIN, I don't per say support EA Games anyway so I won't be buying this game.
  11. Nope, was long time ago but it was pretty much everyone. Oh, well, not really all that interested in them. Already have a lot of games to play so I more look into those that I have an already established interest in. What is ugly to some is pretty to others. I am in general considered ugly by everyone in my own country except a few, but outside of this accursed nation, I am seen as someone worthy.
  12. I think I tried it once, and I was pretty much called an idiot.
  13. Traded Guns of Icarus for EDF. Edited initial post. Thankxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx~
  14. #foreveralone? I have little to no idea what any of those games are. Well, maybe State of Decay would be interesting but I am at first hand trying to snag EDF and secondly TCRSV2.
  15. Pretty much - except unemployed. From the words of my ex a few years back, "If they're a bit ugly, they're fun." so go with the one that is a bit ugly according to that logic as you'll save heartache. Or you can be adventurous and try a poly thing. Indeed not, numbers and stuff like that bore me to tears. Alien Isolation seems rather fun though I must say that I am a bit disappointed in it, but I'm not entirely sure what I expected either, I will say that it makes me happy to see that a game like that exists and that I was right in that it'd be a good game as I predicted. Just as I predicted Aliens Colonial Marines would be shit huhuhu. Sure, does Rambo III on Sega Genesis count? I am actually pretty economically fucked right now, yet need to try to somehow pay my bills, book at least two trips back and forth to our capital city for pre-meeting and surgery, and afford food. This is an impossible task of course where i'll most likely be without food. Trying to sell stuff on auctions but failing and failing. So you know, fun life. So no sorry, don't have Rambo the joke-of-a-game Will trade the other stuff though that you desired to gift.