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  1. I'm looking to join a club when the game comes out tomorrow, and i don't want the responsibility of running one because I don't think i would do a good job of it. I'm pretty good at racing games so if your looking let me know in the replies.
  2. PSN name kafbucks I play alot
  3. First off thanks for posting, i was going to post something like this but since you did it it saved me time and effort lol. This will be great i've been looking for people who actually know how to play bf4 if your a noob thats fine at least use a mic though so we can talk to each other, im not an expert at the game but i know what i'm doing. I'll send a friend request to angryfield4 but if you want to add me personally my psn is below just add a message that says AJSA so i know your with the army. I'll see you guys on the battlefield. PSN: kafbucks
  4. PSN=kafbucks i play a lot of BF4, and alot of ps3 games add me.
  5. Anyone know when platoons will be added to battlelog? I read somewhere that they said sometime in February, which i was hoping would mean it would release the same time as the DLC, but considering the DLC released yesterday, i guess not. Thanks for the replies.
  6. Yeah i guess i did miss it, i applied for the PS4 beta, but they never sent me a key, maybe i applied to late, because i did it like 2 weeks ago. Oh well, I'll just have to wait and see if there will be an open beta, for the gamer's that got to experience it what did you think? Thanks for the replies.
  7. They said there would be one, but I haven't seen anything about it and the game comes out in April which is really close, has anyone heard anything on it?
  8. I think it really depends on the game. I was only able to do it with BF4 so far i wish they had the feature with all the games, that would be awesome!
  9. Hey what's up guys. Pretty much i'm trying to create an Injustice: God's Among Us online PS4 team tournament but to do that i would need people interested lol. The premises would be each person would choose a team of 5 different fighters, and the fight's would either go best of 3 or until one of the competitors loses with all five of his or her fighters. If anyone would be interested, or has any advice as to how to make it better let me know. Thanks.
  10. Ok...well i'll definitely make sure the gamestops i go to have actual back rooms lol