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  • Birthday 01/15/1992

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    Shane Alexander
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    Marine Corps Base Hawaii, Kaneohe Bay
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    I'm a huge Elder Scrolls fan. I've played battlefield since 1942. I started hating call of duty at modern warfare 2. I'm a Lord of the Rings fanatic. I've read almost everything Tolkien ever wrote. I buy every lotr game i can get even if they're completely terrible. I absolutely love the total war series. I am considering learning how to mod for the sole reason of having a Third Age Total War mod for Rome 2. I'm a massive damn nerd and have no shame in that. A little about me; my name is Shane, I'm a native of Virginia. I've been a marine for 3 years, i'm in the infantry because i figured id be able to personally kill with a rifle the people responsible for 9/11. I just had my first child (a boy) and I've been with my wife for 6 years. If you took the time to read all that, then i'm impressed with your patience and thanks.
  1. Honestly i'm terrified that this will bomb too. If this is awful we might never get a good aliens game. This time i'm going to sit back and wait for Joe's review, unlike what I did last time where I paid full fucking price for colonial marines, beat it, wanted to smash it, and then watched Joe's review.
  2. I'm going to have alot of time on my hands coming up soon. I was considering, not necessarily taking up the torch myself, but at least getting the ball rolling. Somebody has to do it. I wouldnt want to be the lead because I don't feel i'm up to the responsibility. We've got to start somewhere, right? I've been checking the internet over and over to see when somebody would tackle this and everyone seems to have backed down so far.
  3. Great video
  4. I don't like their reviews. I stopped turning to them for reviews when they kept giving every call of duty game like a 9 or something.
  5. Personally, I enjoy the game. Even though all the bugs at the beginning were a slap in the face, it's still fun.
  6. I put all the blame on Sega for what I assumed must have been them rushing CA or not giving them more time. With the track record that they have with total war games it just seems kinda random to me that they would release this so fucked up unless they weren't given additional time. So for my own sanity i'm going to keep thinking that mean ol' Sega rushed the product like with Aliens Colonial Marines. I'm going to get the expansion. I love Total war and I want to support it and all the work that CA has been doing to fix the game merits my support. Obviously I can only speculate here but I feel like they've learned a pretty valuable lesson, like don't mainstream a fucking total war game to draw new players. if its a good game people will want to play it regardless. I do think that they should under price the DLC though, as a sort of, "yeah we fucked up, we're sorry" I don't think they should give it away for free, that's just bad from a business standpoint, but i feel like 7 or 8 dollars is completely reasonable. And assuming the DLC isn't insanely buggy, and tha'ts a big if, then when they inevitably release more DLC they can charge a more normal rate.
  7. I think Sega rushed CA with this one, so for me all the blame is with Sega. Just like with Aliens Colonial Marines. If they could just fix 4 problems, the AI getting stuck on a ship when making a landing, barbarian walled cities glitching the hell out and not letting you climb ladders, weather causing game ending lag, and multiplayer campaigns getting out of sync, i'd be happy. its not all done obviously but those are my major issues with the game at this point. So I guess my answer is yeah, i'm down for an expansion. I love total war and I want to support it. I think they've been doing all they can to make us happy after the embarrassing launch. They fixed things that from a gameplay standpoint, weren't necessarily broken, like the stupid defending flags during open field battles, and how ridiculously short the battles were. Sega fucked up by rushing them, they're not going to apologize. CA fucked up by making the game more mainstream, and they fixed it and got it back to the traditional total war feel. If it's a good game then itll draw new players regardless, and I hate that they even tried making it more mainstream, but you have to give the devil his due, they did listen to feedback.
  8. Risk is awesome. In Axis, you have multiple types of units, like tanks, infantry, fighter planes, bombers, battle ships, submarines. And each one does their own specific amount of damage. Like infantry will attack at a dice roll of 1 and defend a territory with a dice roll of 2. So if you roll a 1, you kill a guy, but the defending units still get to roll before they're removed. Fighters attack at 4 or less and defend at 2 or less so there's a level of strategy as to what units you want to have defending an area. And you have fake money to buy units. so infantry is like 3 dollars, or whatever the unit of money is, but they're attack sucks, so as Russia for example, you can try to steam roll Germany with as many Infantry as possible before they can get ready early in the game.
  9. My favorite board game of all time and i'm always having trouble finding people to play with. Anyone else have a love for this game, or any board game, really.
  10. Just like the title says. The vast majority of my friends don't have powerful enough computers or simply don't play computer games. I'm really new to Steam as well. I'm pretty good at total war, but having said that, i'm in no way a sore loser (except when I get beat at super smash bros), so by all means i'll play anybody. I think of it like chess, when I play someone who's better than I am, it can only improve my game.
  11. Ive been on total war since day one, just like mostly everyone here. Got a new computer just so I could play Rome 2.