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  1. ViralBunny liked a post in a topic by LiberalsSuckit in Rome 2 Total War : Caesar in Gaul expansion   
    I think Sega rushed CA with this one, so for me all the blame is with Sega. Just like with Aliens Colonial Marines. If they could just fix 4 problems, the AI getting stuck on a ship when making a landing, barbarian walled cities glitching the hell out and not letting you climb ladders, weather causing game ending lag, and multiplayer campaigns getting out of sync, i'd be happy. its not all done obviously but those are my major issues with the game at this point. So I guess my answer is yeah, i'm down for an expansion. I love total war and I want to support it. I think they've been doing all they can to make us happy after the embarrassing launch. They fixed things that from a gameplay standpoint, weren't necessarily broken, like the stupid defending flags during open field battles, and how ridiculously short the battles were. Sega fucked up by rushing them, they're not going to apologize. CA fucked up by making the game more mainstream, and they fixed it and got it back to the traditional total war feel. If it's a good game then itll draw new players regardless, and I hate that they even tried making it more mainstream, but you have to give the devil his due, they did listen to feedback.