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  1. It's not just Nintendo, it's also Youtube's copyright detector bots that pick up minor things like 5 seconds of music from an artist.
  2. Yes, we should, but the problem is that we need to unlock the colours first.
  3. Ah, good! I for one welcome everyone returning and keeping me company!
  4. You will like the new features. You can now steal expensive items and fence them for easy money. I recommend only stealing the green and purple (and possibly yellow) items, as they are worth a lot!
  5. I have some good news for those who will return. The Justice System allows you to steal items and sell them to fences for quick and easy gold. I recommend that you only steal the 100 gold (green items) and up Items. So far I have found the green items and purple 250 gold items. I'm guessing there are rare yellow items that may be worth 500 or even 1000 gold each. Be careful though, if you get caught stealing, your bounty goes up and the guards can NOT be killed. The fences can pay off your bounty, or if you're killed by (or you surrender to) a guard, your bounty is deducted from your gold. If you have no gold, your bounty remains when you resurrect, but it slowly fades over time, so no going on killing sprees. You start off being only able to fence 50 items per day, but with the news skill tree found under world skills, you can increase the limit by 50 each time. So far I have managed to loot over 20,000 gold in items in just a few days, which means that you can now buy all the items you need for the game. If only they added this at the beginning of the launch rather than rushing it out. Either way, I hope to see you all back in Tamriel on the 17th...and hopefully Angry Joe will return too.
  6. Yes, please come back and give it another chance. I stuck with it despite all the issues, and as the months went past the issues were fixed and now there is no more gold farmers, no bots, no frauds spamming gold sale comments and mails, and I think that if you're in a group the quest is linked/shared meaning if one of you activates something, the others don't have to.
  7. I'd love to take over, but I'm afraid that I'm too busy with real life; besides the novel I'm writing, I have work and other commitments; but I'm staying with the guild to the very end.
  8. I do hope you guys come back, I stubbornly stuck with the game as this is my very first MMO, and as the patches were installed, we said "piss off" to the money spammers and bots (I haven't seen a bot in around 7 months now), plus I think when you play as a group, the quest is now linked, so only one of you has to "activate device" (I think, as a failsafe, you have to go to the journal and once you click on the quest in question, highlight it and push "F" which shares the quest with the others in your group. Please come back and give this game another chance, it won't cost you anymore after the fee's are dropped, so why not?
  9. People may return once the subscription fee is dropped. I, however, am still playing the game and I'd like to see you guys and girls come back and give it another chance. For the Angry Army!
  10. Does Joe know that the monthly subs will be dropped very soon? Because I'd love for him to return to the game and give it another chance. Once he returns, you can bet that his army will return as well!
  11. I hope Joe returns after the sub fee is dropped. Once Joe returns, everyone returns. Angry Army....CHARGE!!!!
  12. Can you promote me so I can access the guild bank? I did, after all, add a lot of goodies to it around a month ago after someone pinched everything and left it empty. My guild name is @Shaminar
  13. I am hoping our numbers will rise again. Please, everyone, give this game another chance. I mean, I haven't given up and I'm happy with it.
  14. I'm still playing and enjoying myself (this is my very first MMO, after all) I've just finished the main quest and I'm now exploring the other lands where others from my faction who also have finished the main quest are running about. You should give this game another chance, it has improved because of the patches and I'd love to team up with my fellow Angry Army members and battle in Cyrodil, or go through public dungeons and clean house!