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  1. Was really hyped when I read this, but then I saw only legal residents from USA, Australia, Canada and UK can enter. Europe and everyone else can go to hell I guess lol
  2. AJSA is coming out of the closet May 8th
  3. inception
  4. I think everyone saw this coming. It's sad though, most nintendo games are fun. Im really not that hyped about buying from them anymore though and have not been for a while.
  5. I generally hate waiting for parts of a game to get released. So i simply wait until all episodes are released before playing it. I guess you could say that for me the game doesnt get released until the last episode, so for me the time between the episodes doesnt really make much of a difference.
  6. link brings me to youtube homepage. Whats your name on youtube?
  7. omg, you RUINED it! you have any idea how much money you couldve made with that idea? ''only 100$ for the ultimate diet!" you couldve been rich! Now you blew it good job seriously though, you dont even need the cereal and the water to survive as long as you have milk. Whether its healthy is another question though
  8. The only Superbowl I'm interested in:
  9. oh no...i did not miss your creepy shepard pics at al xD welcome back though!
  10. i tried it with all the updates and its still unplayable for me. Might work on your PC though
  11. thats it in MMOs you can usually safely assume that any acronym that starts with LF will stand for ''looking for''
  12. most Lets Players already give a small review about the game in their last episode, unless you really mean a review like e.g. Joe does. Personally i wouldnt watch a review if i have already watched a lets play, but Im sure there are people who would like this.
  13. welcome to the family!
  14. and i felt like a cheater for using instant cake mix...
  15. i was planning to get back on, but still havent managed to do it. just knowing the guild is inactive kinda keeps me away :| (yes i know im not helping fix it like this) I'll try to pop back in again soon