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  1. I usual only go through 2-3 play throughs just to tie up loose ends within the game but other than that i usually don't want to due to the game being spent for me. Wish i could memory wipe select memories so i can play fallout 3 again and still have the excitement of something new.
  2. I also kinda got suckered in by the character trailers *cough cough* demon hunter *cough cough*, I kinda wish they more covered the characters personal stories with actual character related story arcs instead of the overall one that all characters slough through.
  3. Most of your game time will come from playing all the characters. Gameplay is ok it's gotten to the point where i avoid mobs of enemies because they take too long to take out but are usually worth killing because you know... EXP. Since it's the third game in the line up so the story does have a line to follow, going into it i had no idea what was going on except "oh looks guys with red health bars, lets kill them" so i had to watch lore videos to get up to speed. Leveling is a shadow of it's former self but it's still got variety to it. Leveling up opens doors for you to explore more of what your abilities can do, but no leveling up certain skills or traits but you do get passives that can change how a character can play or operate. The auction house got closed recently so that is dead. looting got a major overhaul with the new DLC (you don't need the DLC to get the new loot system) rarer items are more common and you get better loot over all so it seems like you actually got rewarded. I get games on a whim so I'm pretty much at neanderthal level of game reviewer and I'm easily entertained, But i'd recommend it IF you have friends that are willing to play, but that's just me personally, hell if you do decide to get it let me know I'd be down to slay some minions of hell with you. Addition: I've clocked in 80 hours total on Diablo 3 67 we're on just the demon hunter.
  4. A few days ago i was at work listening to some Jus†ice when i had the idea "Riot should make a Jus†ice themed Garen skin". I haven't really developed the idea much but i did think about a good ult: have a giant cross slam down on targeted opponent and have a sound bit from one of their top songs (it's mostly a matter of opinion i guess). If i was an artist i'd draw up some concepts but sadly I cannot art. This idea is purely for fun since copyright crap and nobody wanting to collab or share unless they get something out of it (namely money) Let me know what you think and come up with some ideas I'd love to hear what you guys got
  5. I went through 3 of them then i traded up for the slim which i am still using today.
  6. I didn't know about the Myers easter egg care package till today but it sounds awesome. Here's some game play of it.
  7. My sig is all entrancing!
  8. You'd be really surprised, thanks i love that .gif so much.
  9. His look is still classic Predator so we are good there, it all depends on what they do with him is what has me scratching my head.
  10. So what does the AJSA think of the new DLC for call of duty: Ghosts which includes a predator in the teaser for it. I'm honestly very excited for this, mostly for the anticipation on what they are going to use the Predator for. DISCLAIMER:Any hate speech against call of duty players or fans will not be tolerated.(just wanted to add this as a just in case because i know how vicious some people can be)
  11. Gbay did some good videos on losing in general and i find they help a little bit.
  12. I've encountered many elites that walled jailed and froze but that happens, especially when you are playing on master. Loot for me has never been that great. legendary's have always eluded me and I've been playing on torment I trying to get those legendary's. this game wasn't made to cater to players like many games it wants to provide a challenge of some kind.
  13. the story felt like to me just a set up for future content and not about telling an extended or a new story. I'm fine with the one class being added in mostly because they revamped a bunch of things for all the classes such as passives and skills. Over all i was blown away by the face lift they gave the game it made it more fun and more of a joy to play than a drag of having to go through the story mode 4+ times to get all the difficulties.
  14. Now that Reaper of Souls is out to the public what do you all think? how was the new chapter of the story? do you like the new class? do you think the crusader is OP or UP? let me know all of your input and feedback! I've beaten Reaper of Souls twice and man are some of those enemies are a pain to take down, got my ass handed to me more than once while playing through.
  15. I'd like to see his armor take on a more thorn mail look since thorn mail is a noxian item.